Good, Bad and Ugly: Boston University

  • 11/20/2009 9:38 pm in

This is going to be more of an open thread due to this game not being televised, and me being in and out on the radio feed.

Here are some talking points:

+ It didn’t seem like Indiana had much going offensively in the first half — except for all those shots the IU radio team said Jordan Hulls put three-quarters of the way down that came back out — but Maurice Creek absolutely lit it up with 17 points, largely on the back of the four threes he hit. It was a big reason the Hoosiers had a lead at half, 34-29. But it should have been a bigger lead than that, as Boston only shot 20 percent — 20 percent! — in the first half.

Yet Creek didn’t register a point in the second half, and with a chance to tie the game with under 30 seconds to go, he missed what would have been a game-typing three pointer.

+ IU did a much better job taking of the ball tonight, as they only registered 12 turnovers. But it was negated by an awful showing on the boards. Boston snatched 19 offensive rebounds, and scored 19 second-chance points to IU’s three. The Terriers were the ones with the turnover problems tonight: they had 21, which led to 14 points off turnovers for IU.

+ IU did a better job with free throws this evening, too. But it still wasn’t that great. They were 14-of-22 for 63.6 percent. Make a few more, and a four-point loss suddenly becomes a one-point win.

+ This would have been a good victory for this young squad, especially as far as confidence is concerned. But alas, they just were never able to mount a lead of any substance in the second half and let the Terriers hang around until they grabbed a small lead in the final minutes, and that was that. And IU has George Mason next, which is no cakewalk either.

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  • silkyslimforIU

    Typical of a young squad, a lot of standing around watching on D with no ‘head on the swivel.’
    Our talent level is clearly higher, but no cohesion yet. TC is obviously tinkering with combos, so patient expectations will be needed as there will be more ‘scratching your head bad’ than ‘that’s the Hoosiers good’ that we all know and love.

  • psvirsky

    I saw on Twitter that Crean made a comment about everyone heard the timeout call except the refs. What was he talking about?

  • jgongora86

    I think this team will be good by seasons end but because of performances like these, I could understand why major recruits would want to avoid us. By the end of the year if I don't see vast improvement, I'll be more critical of coach. These past two losses were simply the cause of ineptitude. It comes with being a freshman. At the same time Coach Crean better make these kids run tons of sprints so it's honed in that they need to shape up.

  • jdagg

    Crean needs to figure some stuff out. If we don't get a big time recruit next year things may start to deteriorate quickly.

  • bluegrassHoosier

    Wow, I know it's a bad loss, but step away from the edge of the bridge people.
    Remember we are talking about mostly 18 year old kid's playing in Puerto Rico. I realize it's not an excuse, but remeber what we are dealibg with.

    This program didn't just have a setback after Sampson, it was gutted. We had no building blocks to begin with…..none at all!!!

    I am as frustrated as the next guy, but to start thinkng CTC has to go is absolutely ridiculous.

    I live in Kentucky. Imagine being an IU fan in nutville UK country. And UK needed a last second shot to beat Miami(OH) at Rupp. What was their excuse? Youth!!!!

    There is a big difference. UK has youth, but they also have players like Patterson that has been through the battles, is a 1st team SEC player, and a builing block we simply don't have.

    I scream at the TV as much as the next guy. But heaven forbid any potential recruit reads these borads and thinks we are simply fairweather fans. I doubt I would want to play anywhere where the fans want to throw you under the bus after a bad start.

    Frustration is understood, but keep some perspective of what we have and where we had to come from. It's not that simple folks. One thing we have always been proud of is a passion for our team. But also supprting our guys. They give all they have and they are kids. Let's support them as they grow up.

    Oh, and btw, thanks to whoever runs this site. I stumbled across it by accident and I LOVE it. Beong in KY, I need somewhere to go to share my passion for IU basketball….thanks!

  • DMJ

    As far as I know, this game never actually happened. Let's just, uh, lift the rug and kick it under there and cover it up.

  • 47250HoosierFan

    i've got a fever and the only cure is MORE BAWA MUNIRU, i know there is a reason Crean isn't playing this guy but to tell me he is any worse than Capo and Jobe i don't believe it, sorry! Oh yeah and why wasn't Dumas on the floor when we were trying to hit a 3 at the end to tie it up????

  • parvalue

    Boston (or Bastan, if you’re from there) took it to us, tonight. Let’s dive in:

    The lack of television coverage was not nearly as bad as the Boston radio broadcasters. That said, it’s not hard to see why IU lost this tilt. Being outrebounded (to say the very least) by a non-BCS team is embarrassing. But, let’s look at it like this. If IU beats George Mason, nothing is lost. Had we beaten BU, we would have played Georgia Tech, a currently-ranked team that likely would have beaten us. So, after our loss to Ole Miss, we were destined to finish with one win, at best. How we get that win doesn’t matter, as long as we get it. We have our shot at that win against George Mason. We beat GMU, we’re right where we realistically should be.
    Our loss tonight cannot be overlooked, however. Any post you read will tell you that we are a young team that is not physical or experienced enough to close out a tough game. While that may be true, it’s helpful to break down the specific reasons we are losing:

    Offense: Creek again put up solid numbers, albeit in the first half alone. But – simply put – we can’t afford to have Creek disappearing for 20 minutes at time. Speaking of disappearing acts, Watford has vanished in both PR games. To this point, Watford has only put up numbers against cupcakes. Watford has the talent and will learn how to be effective, but that may not happen this season. Elston is in the same boat as Watford. Elston has to grow into his role on this team, which will happen later rather than sooner. VJ3 is our most consistent offensive player. He never has great games, but he rarely has poor games. VJ3’s consistency will not be enough to carry us to wins, as was evident tonight. Pritchard is what he is; he shows signs of scoring ability every game, but he never seems to quite live up to his potential. Rivers seemed to have another ok game, which is fine by me. As long as Rivers is distributing the ball well and is hitting open shots (and crazy layups!), his turnovers can be overlooked. But, it would be nice if he could reduce his turnover amount as the season goes on. It seems Rivers’ play tonight falls somewhere in the acceptable category. Hulls struggled again tonight, and likely will all season. Hulls is a project-in-progress; let’s leave it at that. Dumes needs to step up. Otherwise, he will be a senior role-player, which is disheartening. He certainly did not step up tonight.

    Defense: It’s a lot harder to gauge a defensive performance when the game is not televised. Once again, IU played well enough on the defensive end to keep us in the game, which is a marked improvement over last season.

    Coaching: CTC knew the team would be out-matched physically and mentally in this tournament, and he said so often. That is no excuse, however, and I hope CTC can take away from this game just as much as the players do. There is no reason to whine about not getting the timeout call at the end of the game. You’re the coach, make it happen. Run onto the court, if you have to. The last two offensive plays of the game for IU did not prove fruitful, and CTC has to shoulder much of the blame for that. Also, where is Bawa? Capo and Robe are not doing anything (especially on the boards), so does CTC think Bawa will be worse? If so, fine, but I selfishly wish that CTC would address the lack of Bawa playing time. Lastly, the horrid free throw shooting is on CTC; so is the lack of rebounding (as are the turnovers). CTC needs to step up and ensure the team’s improvement in these areas over the course of the season.

    Takeways from tonight: IU had a chance to seemingly close this game out at the end of the first half and couldn’t do it. As a young team, the Hoosiers will make life a lot easier for themselves by closing games out early – when they have momentum – especially when Big Ten season Rolls around. Also, Creek is really our only offensive assassin to speak of. When teams focus on shutting down Creek, we will be in trouble on the offensive end, as evidenced by the second half tonight and our first exhibition game. VJ3, Dumes and Watford (and maybe Elston and Pritchard) will have to step up and score, or we will be blown out of several games this year. On the defensive end, we can only hope CTC will have our guys physically and fundamentally ready later on in the season. Otherwise, look out. Lastly, the bigs have to rebound on the defensive end. Watford, Pritchard, Robe, Elston, Capo and/or Bawa need to put most – if not all – of their energy into crashing the boards. I’ll end on a positive note: this team has shown the ability to grab the early lead against talented, experienced teams. When the Hoosiers figure out what is required to hold onto these leads, we will be in good shape.

  • Huna

    Rivers was solid in the Ole Miss game. UNC got torched by a stellar defensive effort by Syracuse! As far as these young Hoosiers go, they need FOCUS! Does anyone besides me see the horses that are on other teams playing guard? Did anyone see the YOUNG Gonzaga team go against MSU down to the wire – with 9 freshman!!! Pritchard jeopardizes the offensive and Bobby C needs to finish around the basket and not miss high school shots.

    The Hoosiers MUST focus on REBOUNDING and minimzing turnovers. I have not heard Crean talk about rebounding – what drills are they running in practice – maybe he should attend a MSU practice and learn from IZZO!!!!! Muniru and Jobe are Mansters and an unused resource.

  • Patience is a virtue, we can't forget that the only returning players we had last year were Taber and Finklemeier, and the '08 class was average at best for IU. This is going to take time, we're still a very young and inexperienced team.

    I do hope we can find a way to get a win tomorrow. The guys in PR from the game chat seemed to indicated that the players seemed pretty demoralized walking off the court. I worry about the mentality of the team if they leave PR 0-3, and in turn think a win could do wonders for them.

  • JerryCT

    I am here in PR. Dayton had by far the most and best fans yesterday as it seemed we lost about 25% of our support. Still Nova, BU and Miss have few fans here.

    Except for some critical D lapses Creek may have played hs best game. Our play was hard to describe in that we played better but got less done. I hate to say it but the other teams play more organized and as a team with a common purpose on offense in the 1/2 court. We look like we are learning.

    Thursday Dumes almost single handedly forced Miss deep into the shot clock on 2 possessions. Yesterday he looked hurt after his fall under the basket.

    Pritchard must seek to score . He looks like he is actively avoiding his offense

    The biggest issue right now is that are demoralized and from what I saw of GMason we will lose again

  • Kelin Blab

    People people…we lost a game with 3 new starters, 2 of them freshmen and our top subs are freshmen in their first tourney and back to back games. Relax a little…..we love Crean when he lands this solid class now we are questioning him about the same class.

    If we don't land a big time recruit, life will go on, and we will keep playing…..RELAX people RELAX

  • sacajacabuncar

    You're probably right saying teams look more organized on offense. We don't have a 1/2 court offense. Our offense is to run it upcourt and shoot as quickly as possible. It's either VJIII going one on one, JR going one/one or kick out to Creek for 3's. Getting us into a half court game should be the game plan of everyone of our opponents because we have none. We need to beat teams like Boston to be successful this season. Otherwise we win about 8 games this year.

  • IU Fans??

    It’s one thing to be upset with the team. Yes, they should have beat these guys. It is totally different to go and say we hired the wrong guy after a year and 3 games.

    He threw the recruiting class he had last year together in a last second outcry for help. His first true recruiting class, in my opinion, is this one and they are going to be great. Yes, they lost two games, one they should have won, but they are 3 games deep into their college careers.

    You all can be mad and upset, but for me personally I’m giving this team more than 3 games to show who they are.

  • cooper

    sorry but losing to BU, unless its in hockey is not acceptable. don't really care if IU starts 3 freshman or not. sure seems it will be another long year

  • HoosierDavey

    Excellent points, bluegrass!

  • IU Fans??

    Seriously, he loses two games with a team that consist of 6 guys that just graduated high school, and you all are saying we hired the wrong person? You have more problems than the team right now.

  • indiananorthshore

    seriously, we heard this story last year. seriously he got beat by a team that was even younger than IU in MSU. Marquette was not sad to see him leave.

  • What team did IU lose to that's younger than them, and IU hasn't played MSU yet this year.

  • Bryan

    How was MSU younger than IU last year? They had 4 seniors, Raymar Morgan as a junior, and a sophmore star in Kalin Lucas. IU took the floor with a bunch of freshmen, a scrub senior, and a couple of baseball players and nearly beat the Spartans.

  • indiananorthshore

    Bryan they lost to MSU this year, check out their roster they are younger than the Hoosiers

  • hoosierodi

    they havent even played MSU yet unless you mean this calendar year??

  • indiananorthshore

    My apology Bryan I was referring to Old Miss as Mississipi State. Fact still remains Old Miss was a youger team