Jelan Kendrick signs with Memphis

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According to a report by Dan Wolken of The Memphis Commercial Appeal, Marietta (GA) wing Jelan Kendrick has signed a Letter of Intent with Josh Pastner and the Memphis Tigers.

Though Memphis had been recruiting Kendrick hard, and he had been on campus as recently as last month for an unofficial visit, there were no indications he was ready to pull the trigger.

Instead, Kendrick sneaked into town Saturday afternoon and called an impromptu news conference at The Peabody, where he announced that he had indeed signed a National Letter of Intent with the Tigers.

Kendrick, a cousin of former Indiana fan favorite A.J. Moye, visited Bloomington two weekends ago and attended the Haunted Hall of Hoops. He’s the third top 20 recruit to sign with Memphis and his addition will likely push the Tigers ahead of Ohio State for the nation’s top class.

Updates: Press release from Memphis on Kendrick signing and My Fox Memphis talks to Kendrick

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  • stevealford

    This was a big swing and miss. Kendrick is the real deal. I hope he just takes his losses and closes out this class (Selby not coming here). Hopefully we can bring in Teague and Zeller next year.

  • stevealford

    This was a big swing and miss. Kendrick is the real deal. I hope he just takes his losses and closes out this class (Selby not coming here). Hopefully we can bring in Teague and Zeller next year.

  • peaychris

    amazing they are still pulling the recruits..

  • hoosierodi

    Yea with John Calipari not there I dont see what is so likeable about Memphis. I guess they hired a new guys to pay recruits.

  • Kelin Blab

    JK signing with Memphis could be the door opening for Sheehey to commit to IU. Similar players with great athletic ability…..would be so ok with Will committing to IU.

  • peaychris

    you said what i didnt want to! i wonder if kentucky's final four this year will be vacated as well.. that hire there could be kelvin sampson explosive..

  • well i have been a memphis hater ever since calipari came to town. I am not as suprised as most at this. Pastner is an EXTREMELY likeable guy. He is young, energetic, charming, and a hell of a nice guy. He goes to my folks church and everyone loves the guy. he will get big name players but i dont see him really staying in the bluff city much longer than 5 years. He will get a shot at a big one.

  • jgongora86

    I hate how the whole system of college basketball is shady. There is no reason exclude memphis from us. Yeah we might have had a junk record season, but they have a vacated final four appearance. This is messed up.

  • Bryan

    OK, so IU has struck out some of the top tier guys because they're coming off of a bad season, sanctions, and there's a concern that it will be a while before they are NCAA tournament contenders. I get that, and can understand it. There's a certain logic to it.

    However, recruits are more than willing to commit to Memphis, a place that:
    – Just vacated wins because of academic fraud.
    – Has a coach that has never been a head coach at any level.
    – The core of that the vacated team has gone pro or used up their eligibility.
    – Has virtually no incoming 2009 class because the outgoing coach decided to poach those kids on the way out the door.

    Something doesn't quite add up. I'm sure Josh Pastner may be a really driven person (even though I can shake my image of him as the preppy douche who ran up after timeouts to give Miles Simon and Mike Bibby high fives), but what can he sell a recruit on? “Well, when I finally put a team on the floor for the first time, I guarantee you we'll play up tempo and win?” “I've got a lot of experience holding a clipboard for Lute Olson and John Calipari?”

    I'm trying to connect dots, but I feel like some are missing.

  • manastojones

    I came here searching for the news and found a bunch of retards complaining. One dude even lives in Memphis and can't stand the Tigers, but it's cool because he's not bandwagon “hater”, he just hates John Calipari, like everyone else whose never had him as a coach.

    Also… I love how the answer is Memphis hired a guy to pay recruits. First, if you think that stuff doesn't go on everywhere in the country, you're crazy. Second, you're Indiana… are you even allowed to compete in the NCAA Tournament?

    Memphis is a better basketball program than Indiana. Jalen Kendrick is going to be Tiger next year. Not a Hoosier. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

    Tigers FTW!

  • Kelin Blab

    Bryan you raise some good points, the ONLY thing I could come up with is JK probaly would have more of a fight to start at IU than at Memphis….he plays the 2 or 3 and with Creek, Wateford etc I think he felt he might have had more of chance to start at UM….just a small hunch…

  • Spencer_D

    Bummer. I felt like we had a better shot at Kendricks than we do with Selby, but who knows. Hopefully we get at least Sheehey, otherwise this will be sort of a dismal 2010 class for IU (nothing against VO).

  • Bryan

    I'm not sure that Memphis is any less crowded at the wing positions either. They've already got two guys that are 4 and 5 stars recruited for 2010 that are the same height as Kendrick.

    I'm just surprised that track record seems to matter, unless it doesn't. Pastner may be able to come in and not miss a beat, and if he can, good for him. But wouldn't you wait until the spring signing period to be sure of that he's not just another Mike Davis?

  • BaseballBuc

    This can be looked at as a good thing or a bad thing. The bad thing is obvious. Crean is shooting for the moon with recruiting so we have to realize that these top recuits are occasionally going to commit elsewhere. The good thing is, is that indiana is actually being considered by these top tier players. It's always nice to have the most talented players, but if they are only around for 1 year, it makes it tough to build a program.


    Can't remember for sure where I read the article but it was about Pastner and what all he had done while in high school, his college years and what he had done after his college years. I don't remember all of the details but I do remember it saying that he was scouting for his fathers AAU team when he was like 14 or 15 and around the same time took over all of the fundraising for it too. I believe it also said that he finished college in two and a half years, the none bball part anyway and finished graduate school in one and a half years not too shabby. If I'm not mistaken he also started putting together some kind of high school player profile thing that he sent to some head coaches at different schools and then alot of the coaches, if not all, ended up buying it from him every year thereafter. He might just end up being a step up from Mr. Vacated. He has shown that he can get the commits now the only thing left to find out is if he can do anything with them. In an odd sort of way I will be pulling for him, most of the time, and that is something I could never do when it came to Calaslimy.

  • To the numerous Memphis fans who have commented (or tried to comment) on this trying to stir the pot. Your comments will not be published, so please stop wasting your time.

  • To the numerous Memphis fans who have commented (or tried to comment) on this trying to stir the pot. Your comments will not be published, so please stop wasting your time.

  • ksdksdksd

    Hey, it's not nice to attack Memphis and especially Pastner for getting Kendrick. Jelan played AAU ball with Memphis commits Joe Jackson and Chris Crawford. He also has a good friendship with Will Barton.

    “But the Tigers' big edge was the fact that Kendrick had already played and won on the AAU circuit with the Memphis Magic Elite squad featuring Jackson and Chris Crawford. Plus, Barton and Kendrick got to know each other last month at Memphis Madness and built a relationship that factored into the decision.”

    And as for calling Memphis cheaters, I don't think Indiana fans are in a good position to say that. Memphis was cited for playing a ineligible player and was notified after the season in which the clearinghouse approved the player. It's more fault of the NCAA than anything.

    Memphis has a NBA arena that is always sold out, recent alumni in the NBA, city-wide support, and relentless, focused recruiting.

  • BGleas

    The tough thing here isn't just that we missed on KI and JK, it's the way we've missed, they've been “stomach punch” misses. I understand IU's current situation and getting these stud recruits is going to be a tough sell right now, but by all indications IU was in KI's top two and even the leader and then BAM, IU's suddenly dropped from his top 5 without a visit.

    With JK we seemed a long shot, but then we got an OV and you had that poster on Hoosier Nation claiming (maybe he is, I don't know) to be JK's cousin and that JK to IU was almost a done deal. He claimed all JK wanted to do was see the team play this year and improve. All indications were that he'd wait until spring, then BAM he commits in the fall out of the blue.

    I'm not one of the fans that thinks IU needs all Indiana kids, but I'm starting to think that IU's best chance to begin landing the 5* types is the secure the in-state ones, then the others will come. Seems it's easier to sell Indiana, given the current situation, to the stud in-state kids that know more of the history.

  • To the numerous Memphis fans who have commented (or tried to comment) on this trying to stir the pot. Your comments will not be published, so please stop wasting your time.

  • hunteriualumni

    I would have love to see this kid play at IU, but we are not ready for 5 star players. We need to continue to pursue these players. What we need to do is land the recruits that want to stay awhile and help rebuild our program. A one and done player will not help us until we have a solid team. We will start landing these players in a couple of years. We should not be supprised or dissapointed that he did not want to come and play for us right now. Had the Sampson mess not happened, then we would be landing these players every year. Coach Crean has a plan and I like what we have. We have a team to be proud of and the recruits that we have will fit in just fine.

  • chicohoosier

    You make some good points here. Our foundation is being set and once we have some moderate success, all these flirtations with five star players will result in a few commitments. As far as the Sampson mess, imagine if Devin Ebanks had made it into a Hoosier jersey, he is an all around amazing basketball player and is going to have a huge year at West Virginia. So yes, we are still in recovery mode and are doing well to put ourselves in a good position for the future. We will land in-state studs for '11, '12, and '13, we just need to show we're on our way back on the court this year and next.

  • the future of IU is looking merely average nothing exciting unless the current roster develops tremendously. Its good to be considered but what good does that really do. I have faith in Crean just not sure how he plans on doing it with top talent not coming. I really dislike the success Matt Painter is having with a bunch of local talent.

  • David Greene

    I come in peace. You don’t have to flame the Memphis program because of one lost recruit. JK played this past summer with the Memphis Magic. He is close to several players, got allot of love from Memphis fans and we have a young, dynamic coach who did a great recruiting job. Memphis has always been a good program, long before Cal arrived. IU is one of the storied programs in the NCAA and Crean will get you back to the good days if given time, he would also tell you Memphis is a good program. It’s a compliment to IU that they were able to get a visit from Kendrick. Good luck this season.

  • crean was pretty sweet at marquette without the 5*.

  • nathanzimmerman

    Just be glad that we've got 5 stars considering. With the wins will come the commits. If we win 15 games this year and show some of these kids that we're on the fast track back we'll get some of these 5 stars.

    Not worried at all.

  • indiananorthshore

    We are not a top tier program any longer. We are U of Michigan Football of basketball. We will continue to get some 4 star players, but not 5 stars. Creans has yet to prove he can even recruit is own state. As far as Memphis buying players. Hoosierodi stop crying. Truly great programs like North Carolina, Duke, and Kansas, and Michigan State prevail in the recruiting wars over programs like Memphis. The Hoosiers were an elite program with an elite coach many years ago. No longer time to become realistic with our expectations

  • indiananorthshore

    5 tourney appearances in 9 years and one final 4. You really think thats sweet?

  • Indiana is a top tier program. The fan base and traditon establishes that. We have gotten 5* recruits many times in the past. Two years ago we had gordon and white. We are just in a slump because of bad choices by the university and coaches. Bob Knight was a great coach for his time, but the game has become flashy and the type of player bob knight recruited almost doesn't exsist anymore. Mike Davis was a pretty good recruiter, but he was riding the wave of glory thanks to having a bob knight team to start off with. Kelvin well we all know how that went. What you have to look at is the coach in college and duke,NC, and Kansas all suffered for a bit because of coaching changes. Michigan State was always tough but nothing like they are now and thats thanks to tom izzo. Tom Crean is the long term guy to bring us back and an Izzo disciple.

    ps: memphis is just one of those schools who has top notch talent every year and never wins the national championship….and thats all they will ever be

  • kbunch


    You are crazy. Sheehey and Kendrick are not even close. You shouldn't accept mediocrity, those banners are getting faded. We need a new one to hand and players like Kendrick and Irving are the ones that help bring titles.

  • GCT

    JK signed with Memphis, because he will be playing with his AAU team from this summer, 3/5 starters from the Magic have signed, and when Tarik Black signs this week that'll be 4. Who wouldn't wan to play with previous teammates where there is already chemistry established. Its the same when Calipari brought in the class from Laurinberg Prep. Memphis Magic won a lot of games over the summer against the same kids they will be playing against in college, its a guaranteed win-win situation for him. About having a better chance to start the Tiger's have the best back-court in the national, everyone will be competing for a starting role.

  • BGleas

    Right, and hopefully CTC will be accomplishing the same with the Indiana AAU teams.


    According to IDS, Will Sheehey said to announce decision Monday at 10AM, looks promising for IU.

  • Chance

    Jelan top four school were Memphis, Oregon, Ga Tech and Alabama. It was really down to Memphis and Oregon.

  • Taskmaster75

    Yeah, because Marquette has the resources Indiana does right?

    It's pretty sweet to imagine what Crean can do with actual top flight recruits. It's kind of hard to recruit your own state when you have a team like Purdue that is winning RIGHT NOW. Just because Crean isn't getting stars now doesn't mean he wont ever. It's looking more like you have some sort of vindictive motive against Crean rather than logical reasoning.

  • jptmemphis

    Was / Is Calipari shady? Absolutely. Pastner? – No Way. Pastner is Mr. clean jeans. The man has never had beer or glass of wine. He doesn't even drink sodas. His harsh words are like dang! and heck.

    Memphis is a rough city in many ways. One of the highlights is the U of M basketball. Many of these players find a home in Memphis that is very comfortable. These players are accepted as people in Memphis – not just players. they are loved and respected even after their playing days – even the players that are not stars. This is why they find comfort.

  • I don't think there was anything i said about Memphis that isn't true.

  • tigertom

    can someone pass the grapes 😉 Hey Tarik, where you goin' ?