Report: Indiana secures official visit from Josh Selby

  • 10/31/2009 10:50 am in

According to a report late on Friday evening from national recruiting analyst Jerry Meyer, Indiana will host five-star guard Josh Selby for an official visit on November 14. The Hoosiers will open the season on November 13 at Assembly Hall against Howard.

Selby, who is ranked No. 4 in the 2010 class by Rivals, is also considering Kansas, Kentucky, Miami (FL) and Syracuse. He took an unofficial visit to Kansas on the weekend of October 16 for “Late Night in the Phog.”

A former teammate of Victor Oladipo, Selby left DeMatha after his junior season and will play his senior season at Lake Clifton.

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  • illinoishoosier

    For him not to sign at KU after the visit is a great sign. I think we have a great chance of landing Josh. As long as we beat Howard the night before!

  • Hoosier4life

    We need to land Josh.

  • Nate

    This is fantastic news! Gotta love what Crean is doing here. The fact that these top-tier guys are coming for visits at a time like this says a lot. Keep up the good work, coach! Go HOOSIERS

  • Kelin Blab

    I think this is good news either way. Kids at the top of their classes are giving IU a look now and seem to understand where Crean has this program headed. Landing him and SHeehey would make 2010 class extremely good……

  • Kelin Blab

    Just read on demling….Jalan Kendrick is supposed to be on campus this weekend…..

  • That's the word …. still waiting to hear a report that he's arrived.

  • Ryan_T

    I will not get my hopes up… I will not get my hopes up… I will not get my hopes up…


  • knasmiley1

    Kendrick is on IU campus

  • stevealford

    Selby would be a great pick up. If I could pick one guy out of this class though other than deshaun thomas , it would be jelan kendrick. It would do wonders if we could get a committment out of him. Irving Who?

  • great news! Selby and Kendrick would really get things going.

  • hooseyes

    I wish he was going to be at the game the night before, because i feel like the fan support and the environment in AH is one of our better selling points right now… But no matter what, its huge to be in the conversation with this kid. gotta love it.

  • i would be shocked if we landed selby but its lookin better by the day. he is the best dunking guard i have seen in a long time…better than gordon, DRose. to be able to do a between the legs in a game from the wrong angle is unheard of from a point. so i always liked his game better than irvings cuz of his insane athleticism. at the same time, i believe he is likely a one and done, and i think w/out him we're still a team capable of making a serious run in the tourney in 2-3 years. no matter, i think we'd all take one and dones from kendrick and selby, just don't panic if it doesn't happen.

  • GFDave

    I think Selby is approaching his visits with a completely open mind. It amazes me that a kid that good who has been recruited for so long could be this open, but I honestly believe he is. I don't think he will sign until the spring and I think we have a real shot. A lot will depend on what he thinks of our play this season. Will he see the upside?


    Landing Shelby would be a major plus in more ways than one, even with him being a one and done. He seems to have not made up his mind yet, the key word here tho is seems. Who knows what is going on with this kid behind the scenes or what he is thinking as far as what school he chooses. Where we are at in the rebuilding process forces us to have this train of thought, but it's hard to find something wrong with still being in the running for his services at this point. I just hope he isn't using us as leverage or as a bargaining chip with where he is going to end up at any way. Kind of feel like that may have been, at least a little bit any way, what Irving did with us, seeing if the others would work even harder wooing him. Josh if you decide we are not where you want to go don't make a big mistake a whole lot bigger by going down to there to that big blue cesspool of cheaters in ky because you never know when the NCAA axe is going to fall on John Calislimy again and history has shown us that someone else will be taking the fall for whatever it is. Do yourself a really big favor and stay away from them, very far away.

  • psvirsky

    seriously though, not getting my hopes up, not getting my hopes up, not getting my hopes up.

    The team and recruiting is shaping up well regardless of what happens. A 5-star recruit can hurry the rebuilding process pretty quickly but we don't have any yet. Not getting my hopes up, not getting my hopes up, not getting my hopes up.

  • Kelin Blab

    So let me update my chances list….

    1. Will Sheehey- Offered by GW, Standford, Vandy, and IU
    We have a 70-30 to get will. We play his style and there is a place for him within IU's system. High motor versatile player……

    2. Josh Selby – Offered by Indiana, Kansas, KY, Miama, Syracuse, Indiana
    We have a 30/70 chance at getting Josh. I think we may run into again just as we did with KI….”Will you contend for a championship next year?” In other words ..”Look you got me for one year at the most and I want to dance and show my stuff ideally in the final 4″…..

    3. Jelan Kendrick – Offered by KY,Georgia, Memphis, Cincy, and IU (and MORE)
    We have a 45/55 chance with JK. What works in our favor is he does have some IU ties, he clearly has an immediate opportunity at IU by playing multiple positions and could give us more than one year which would help him and IU…..

  • glotz

    even if we don't get Shelby, great sign that these type of recruits are looking at IU with Crean getting in so late. not getting Irving was discouraging but we should feel better knowing that we are going to start landing these caliber players with increased sucess (wins) from here on out.

  • GoIU

    Do we have enough scholarships?

  • seattlehoosierfan

    Fingers and toes crossed!

  • BaseballBuc

    This is off topic, but does anybody know anything new on Marquis Teague? Reasons why he keeps delaying his decision?

  • roninjeffersonville

    Kelin I agree with your prodictions but you forgot one: Justin Coleman. Any thoughts?

  • Kelin Blab

    Ron that one stumps me, I have heard nothing about Justin Coleman……Has he been on campus?

  • Kelin Blab

    The last I heard about Marquis Teague was he was trying to see how the L'Ville thing plays out, who is going to Kentucky, and IU was still on the list……

    Also heard he has bulked up some more and should have a HUGE season.

  • I don't think IU is really involved with Coleman anymore.

  • There is a lot of chatter about D-Wade's mom helping Jalen Kendrick's mom make a choice for IU!!!!!!!!!

  • GFDave

    Interesting! Where can this chatter be viewed? Thanks.

  • hoosier nation….forum

    a guy that goes by page574 claims to be a cousin of Jalen that lives in Ohio…..has been posting for a while about Jalen to IU. He claims the family votes were georgetown 1 Indiana 3. Mom being the georgetown vote….dad, grandma, and an unknown being the vote for IU. (Maybe him I don't know). He claims that DWade's mom made an impact on Jalen's mom and the forum is waiting for an update. I DO NOT KNOW IF THIS GUY IS FOR REAL OR NOT. I'm just doing a little looking around.

  • Kelin Blab

    Ben….I have heard similar rumors about JK from 'another cousin' on peegs who said he wants to come to IU but wants to visit first and to seal the deal. JK apparently has a lot of cousins, maybe his real cousin AJ Moye can help……..

  • Its hard to say what is true and what is false, but it does make sense to an extent. Wade had a game in Indy during the same time frame. He also makes references to Mcleod and Jalen Kendrick vistiting to the white house to meet Obama over some halfway house charity Mcleod got Kendrick involved in.

  • also has some posts about IU getting new jersey's next year with black on them….I wish they would just leave the jerseys alone!

  • Kelin Blab

    Ben…now the whitehouse thing is true and all three of them were there so there is some validity there…great point……where we disagree….IU ABSOLUTELY needs to get some new uniforms, new style or something…leave the candy stripes alone, leave the names off the back of ther jerseys…but I am pro new uniform

  • I guess I'm just old school and like the way they look. I don't really like the idea of black being on the uniform….look what happened with the football uniforms…it was just pointless. I could see maybe doing something different to tray and draw recruits that way since style is as huge as anything anymore.

  • coaching staff spotted giving kendrick a tour of campus today

  • GFDave

    I'm okay with a little updating of the unis, but don't want a lot of changes. I like clubs that stick with tradition, but know how to stay current (up to a point). One thing about our unis is that the shorts look horrible when their knee length/longer and baggy. Need to correct that.

  • iumarine

    Let me go off the record and say that I didn't vote on the Bob Knight question because it didn't give me the “I don't care” option. I supported the Hoosiers and Coach Knight from the early 80's until he was fired. I am just tired of the drama.

    Go Hoosiers!

  • english major

    Can we all get his name right?? Josh SELBY not SHHHHHELBY!!!!!

  • BGleas

    I'm with you Kelin on the uni's. I think if you make it an alternate that only gets worn a few times a year, instead of changing the main uni's, maybe that's how you get around offending some of the traditionalists.

  • aerialM

    I'm a hard-liner I guess when it comes to the unis: no way. keep them the way they are. it's part of the deal. it represents iu in a unique way. getting kendrick would be huge. i'm not sure if we have a shot at teague or not. he might be a darkhorse for us in the end. if he wanted to go to l'ville, he'd have done it by now, right? unless he got spooked by the rumors about pitino-to-the-nba, rick's little extortion case, the top assistant (& recruiter) leaving for another job, & the arrest of two players. if we don't ger irving, we don't get selby, we might go all in for teague.

  • BGleas

    That's why I'd propose an alternate uni, not changing the regular home/away. Is it really that big of a deal if they wore an alternate road jersey with a little black trim a few times a year? Especially if the perception is it helps bring the program to the future. Wins are the important thing, right?

  • amen

  • Jelan Kendrick

    Has anyone heard anymore on the Jelan Kendrick visit? I know IU cannot comment on it. Looking for additional information besides the “rumors” from his “cousin.” It would be HUGE if we could get Kendrick to Bloomington!! Also, do you think he will sign this month?

  • Hello ITH

    Hey, Kendrick will sign! promise…

  • Ryan_T