Purdue AD apparently measures success by conference titles

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morganburkeWhen you’re the athletic director of a school that’s never won a national championship in basketball, you are forced to creatively sell your program as some sort of juggernaut. That, my friends, is exactly what Purdue’s athletic director, Morgan Burke, did recently at a tipoff dinner for his Boilermakers.

Speaking about how wonderful a time it is to be a Purdue basketball fan, Burke served up this one-liner:

“It should not come as a surprise, because Purdue leads the conference with 21 Big Ten championships. Nobody else has 21, not even the people down south of Indianapolis.”

And here is my rebuttal: “It should not come as a surprise, because Indiana leads the conference with five national championships. Nobody else has five. And the people north of Indianapolis are still waiting for their first.”

Nice try, Morgan.

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  • Indiana Red

    Burn! That deserves a butt finger sizzle.


  • GFDave

    It is beneath us to worry about Purdue drivel.

  • jgongora86

    Its so cute how he thinks he can eat in the adult table. I wish I was there, I would have burst into uncontrollable laughter.

  • Kelin Blab

    I actually felt bad for the guy bragging about being 2nd fiddle. It is like the Jim Sorgi bragging about not being sacked as much Peyton Manning. In your face Peyton, I have never been sacked before…..

    Purdue does them to themselves……

  • chicohoosier

    we should be careful about how much we rag on the evil ones this year with the team they have assembled…

  • Purdue Blows

    We will beat That Team once this year.

  • Hardwood83

    It's like the guy with the really ugly wife bragging about what a good cook she is, or how nice her teeth are….maybe true but kinda beside the point.

  • Kelin Blab


    I honestly think Purdue is a school that will NEVER win a national championship because they cannot draw the star power to do so….not since the Big Dog has Purdue been a legit contender to win it all….yes they will be good this year, I honestly believe IU can and will be them in Bloomington, but PU will always be PU….sorry Mr. AD dude…enjoy those conference championship parades…

  • hoosierclarion

    I guess he had to talk about conference successes because there is nothing bigger in the resume. In any event it was a good verbal punt by Burke.

  • I've lived fairly close to Lafayette and I have had to deal with these idiots my whole life. I hate purdue fans. They are the most fair weather fans in the nation. When they won three big ten championships in a row everyone was the biggest purdue fan that could ever be. Then after they had a bad season they put the purdue shorts and shirts back in the closet. Most of these people don't even know they don't have an NCAA national championship in anything other than women's basketball. Now with purdue ranked in the top ten I'm positive they will sliver out from underneath the rocks they have been hiding under the last ten years to celebrate their beloved boilers. Once this class leaves purdue will be back down in the crapper.

  • ZING!

  • BaseballBuc

    With the more competitive Big Ten, they still can win another Big Ten title. But they won't make it to the final 4, or EVER win the national championship. I've experienced this as a die hard Chicago Cubs fan, but man would it suck to be a Purdue fan also.

  • hoosierboy

    Purdue will never be a national title contender ever! They just don't have all of the necessary elements to make it happen. Coach Painter seems like a nice guy, but he's not a guy thats gonna bring in studs to reload. His only good class was 2007.

    Some interesting info for all you Purdue fans who will be crawling back into your holes once Hummel, Johnson, Moore, Kramer leave….

    *According to Scout/ESPN recruiting sevices.
    2008 class- two 3 star recruits
    2009 class- three 3 stars, one 2 star, one 1 star.
    2010 class- three 3 stars, one 4 star
    2012 class- one 3 star, one 1 star

    Im not one of those people who religiously follow recruiting analysis. Some of these kids could be better than advertised. Perfect example is Verdell Jones, who was a 3 star. Or the opposite like Brian “who” Zoubek who was a 5 star going into Duke.

    Bottom line is that those plyers aren't gonna get it done. They are not on the same level as the “UNC, Kansas, UCLA, Indiana types of programs. When was the last time a National championship team had these low of caliber players on their roster. Never!!!!!!!!! Was the Purdue team that made a run to the sweet 16 good? Yes, they were very smart, scrappy, and deceptive, but that wasn't enough. They weren't as deep or nearly as talented as the far superior UCONN team. Lets be honest…. Do you really expect to go to the big dance with a team that has to play Chalisan? I have obviously made Purdue look bad enough, but I will stop because I don't want to crush any Purdue faithfuls's fantasy dreams of becoming an elite powerhouse, and becoming more prominent than IU in the state of Indiana. lol. Wake up Purdue fans. You will alays be the red headed step child to IU. You better watch out becuse its only a matter of time before IU goes back to their ways of abusin you.

    * According to Scout/ESPN recruiting services
    From the class of 2009-2011, Crean has landed six 4 stars, three 3 stars, and one 2 star.

    GO HOOSIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • superhoops

    I could care less what the PU AD has to say. It's meaningless. However, I think Painter is a better coach than what most here think and I think his current crop of players has the opportunity to go to the Final Four. They will contend for the B10 title and should get a good seed in the tourney. Remember, it's about playing as a team and I think they play very well together. I don't care about recruit ratings. 3 star recruits that play well together, share the ball and play D can win alot of games. Having said all this, I still hate PU and always will. I would love nothing more than to kick their butts in the Hall. Go Hoosiers!

  • BFowler

    A few random thoughts:

    1) Wait, Purdue has a men's team?
    2) Well, when that's all you have to brag about…..
    3) Must be rough always being little brother.
    4) Isn't it awful that all you can do is take a shot at a team that won 1 conference game last year. I mean, shouldn't you be worried about Michigan State and Illinois and Ohio State?
    5) Wait, Purdue has a men's team?
    6) Black and Gold still look horrible together.
    7) Mr. Burke, please do something meaningful on your own campus before worrying about Bloomington.
    8) I'll ask again, Purdue has a men's team?????

  • chicohoosier

    this is indiana because of our history and our past success, but sometimes i think we tend to forget our recent overall lack of success. in my lifetime we won a national title when i was 1 and not since, our only final four since the early 90s was a semi-fluke as a 5 seed in '02. im just saying, our recent track record is pretty bad, i graduated in '09 and went through undoubtedly the worst 4 years in the history of our program (not to mention our soccer team flaming out every year early), so its hard for me to be one that looks down on other teams in the present.

  • chicohoosier

    that being said, i do believe ctc will bring a championship home and bring us out of the history books and back into the national spotlight

  • marcusholland

    I don't know that I'd trade being a Purdue fan for anything, even 5 basketball championships. Purdue leads the overall series in the major sports (football and basketball). I love that.