Dick Vitale via Twitter: Bob Knight won’t show

  • 10/28/2009 4:22 pm in

If Bob Knight’s comments released on Tuesday weren’t a clear indication on where he stood on showing up to his induction into Indiana’s Athletics Hall of Fame, ESPN’s Dick Vitale has your clarification. Knight isn’t coming.


Making matters worse, fans will now be treated to another season of Dick Vitale mentioning that Indiana should rename Assembly Hall after Knight. Might be time to make sure your mute button works.

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  • derekphillips

    That's ironic, we find out from who else… Dickie V…I will say. I still remember him calling the game with Indiana hosting Michigan, and Jay Edwards hitting the three before the buzzer sounded. That was awesome, Bill Frieder's face said it all. One of my all-time favorite moments in Hoosier basketball.

  • Indiana Red

    Glasvegas sings it best:

    “I won't be the lonely one
    Sittin on my own and sad
    Forget your Dad he's gone
    He's gone, he's gone,
    he's gone, he's gone ohhhh”

    It could've been glorious, Robert. But………whatever. One a side note, I just renamed my mute button “The Vitale.” Maybe it'll catch on. “Oh God, not the Saved by Zero commercial again. Honey, can you Vitale it please?”

  • I think Knight's Hall sounds good. He may have had a temper, but everyone that's anyone says that IU was wrong to fire him. IU was wrong to think they could buy him. If Brand wanted to fire him he should have when he had the chance. Not for 'missing a meeting.'

  • Hank

    Bob Knight is being stubborn and, frankly being a big baby about the whole situation. Sure, in his mind, he was wrongly discharged. But that was almost TEN years ago.

    Yeah, the Davis hiring and the whole situation was ugly – no one denies that, and it is what it is… but it's history. The Sampson debacle was also ugly, unfortunate, but that too is now history. Tom Crean is here now, and I firmly believe he is doing all that he can to rebuild the basketball program as well as the basketball family and tradition. I suspect that Fred Glass is also a player in restoring the family and tradition. Myles Brand and Chris Simpson are dead. Clarence Donninger and Rick Greenspan are gone…

    I understand that Knight is stubborn. I get it that he is principled. There's no question that he was hurt. But it's time to move on. Maybe Karen Knight needs to remind him again that the horse is dead. To paraphrase Coach Knight himself, if accolades are inevitable, sit back and enjoy.

    Since both Glass and Crean (and apparently the majority of the former players, managers and those involved in the program) are working to restore Indiana's tradition, why won't Knight make nice? Perhaps it's more of the arrogance that got him fired…

    The future of Indiana basketball is bright. We have a coach that “gets it”. He understands tradition and honor and respect for the program and process. Crean's future success will definitely be built on the foundation of Everett Dean, Branch McCracken and Robert Montgomery Knight. But it has come to the point where Knight needs to decide to “bury the hatchet” and accept the accolades that he is due — that the University is trying to bestow upon him.

    IMHO, Indiana University has extended the olive branch. If Knight refuses to accept it, that speaks more of him and his character than anything else.

    It's time to shake the dust off of our feet and move on.

  • Indiana Red

    “IU” wasn't trying to “buy him”. Some alumni were trying to get an IU legend back for his HoF ceremony. And are we really still talking about whether he should have been fired?


  • Indiana Red

    Your ideas intrigue me and I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter.

    Spot on post.

  • Hank

    I don't have a newsletter… I'm just tired of Knight and all the drama. IMHO, Bob Knight is a basketball genius… but he seems to have a death wish.

  • tberry

    “If Knight refuses to accept it, that speaks more of him and his character than anything else.”

    Seems to me that Knight has told us, the fans, and those who have and do support him that is pettishness is more important that anything.

    Bob, may be it is time for you to go home to Orville and start working for Schmuckers cause you are a smuck!!!

  • CutterInChicago

    I would like to consider sending Bill Lynch to Bob Knight as a sort of “prisoner exchange” to get Bob back in the fold. Lynch, is by all accounts a good, decent man who does not appear to be much of a coach, and well, that is sort of the “Yin” to Bob's “Yang.” Just thinking outside the box while delayed at Boston Logan airport…

    Bob, most of us would love to have you back and honor you but the ball is in your court and you appear to have taken the place and kicked it out of the stadium.

  • BGleas

    I don't have a problem with Knight not being ready to come back, I'm sure he's still very hurt and maybe he still needs a few more years of separation.

    My issue is with the way he's handling it in the public. I think it's a disgrace to himself and his former players. He would have destroyed his players for acting like this. Having Vitale announce he's not coming? What a joke. Refusing to discuss IU's current team on the air is ridiculous too.

    If he had any interest at all in ever coming back to IU, he would have simply issued a release saying he appreciates the honor, and admires Glass and Crean, but will have to decline the invitation to attend because he still needs time.

  • Hammer

    You know I have been a Knight fan all of my life. I didnt think he would come but Im very disappointed not suprised. It amazes me that after many years Bob still harbors hate and disappointment whatever you want to call it. Bob should schrug this off and go, bite the bullet but evidently he isnt man enough to do this. I can honestly say now go your way Bob, IU forget about this man! He may have been a great coach in the past but everyone has to admit that this isnt anyway to act. This is more like a mad little boy. In lifes lessons one has to learn to forgive and forget. Can you imagine if we all took Bobby attitude! Bye Bob and by the way you act like a little babby! Sorry an Ex Knight fan and a true IU fan –Go Coach Crean!

  • Indiana Red

    “I don't have a newsletter”.

    You just made my day with that line. While my original “newsletter” reference (Simpsons) may have been lost on you, the quality of your original comment was not. I, too, am tired of the Knight drama. The man must live in a sad little vacuum, and the good stuff was all sucked out years ago.


    DITTO !!!

    So many ways he could have handled this differently. Not even willing to discuss IU on the air ? Paaaleeeze……… give me a break. Agreed, if one of his players would have acted like this he would have been all over them…………and publicly at that. Time to move on and let it go. It is solely up to Bob now if anything else is done. Also agree that this does not reflect well on his former players. It was Bob who liked to tell players when he was recruiting them ” give me 4 years and I'll give you the rest of my life”. Note to Bob: Past time to give.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Glasvegas is awesome. If Vitale or Lavin happen to be calling a game, I decide I don't need sound.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Bobby has clearly made his choice and no one should surprised or upset by it. I think we all thought it could have been a really awesome night but if Knight's not ready, so be it. We know the situation was handled poorly and Knight is still hurt by it.

    I wish he was coming back to the Hall but Indiana has done what they could to make things up to him. I still have a lot of admiration and respect for the man but it is time to move on. If, and when, he is ready to accept the invitation, IU will be ready.

  • My Opinion

    It’s a shame he won’t return for the many fans that have supported him for years and also for the guys he coached. The administration 9 years ago have come and gone but Bobby’s fans are still here. Don’t penalize your fans for administrations short comings. Come home Bobby!

  • indyd

    As a lifelong RMK fan I feel it is officially over. No more grasping, no more olive braches, no more hand written notes, no more.

    He's not coming to the ceremony. Ok. He continues to handle it poorly. Ok. “Do as I say, not as I do” while mentoring young men. Ok.

    Clearly, he deserves a plaque in the IU HOF. But, I no longer consider it viable to name the court after him until MAYBE after he passes. “Coach Knight's Court @ Assembly Hall” is dead to me.

    A situation that everyone handled poorly 10yrs ago continues to linger. Crean, the court is all yours…… and maybe in 20yrs so will the naming rights.

  • BGleas

    I don't think people are as upset about his choice, as much as their upset about how he announced it and handled the situation.

  • Kelin Blab

    Why I am over Bob Knight…..

    This whole HOF thing is a great gesture to a great coach, however as Dicky V and Coach K wants IU to rename the university after RMK has gone to far. You know if he doesn't come to the HOF induction it shows that RMK who helps young men become mature and better men, has some maturing to do himself. If he wants to hang onto a grudge for 100 years let him do it, I don't care. Not sure if Bob knows this but he isn't the reason Indiana is Indiana, other coaches have won championships at IU……..and what happens if Crean wins 3? will we rename the renamed gym?

    Bob congrats on being inducted but you Coach K, Dicky V, and Dakich can all have each other because this is ONE Bob knight fan that will not bow down to you anymore…..

  • JerryCT

    Even after defending RMK here are my random thoughts:

    1) I would have fired RMK for losing but not for choking Neil Reed etc….really I would have
    2) I would NOT name anything after him except maybe an award , not sure what it would be however, maybe for “dumb sports writer of the year”
    3) He might show up just for Steve Downing but really who cares anymore
    4) IU is bigger than Myles Brand or RMK
    5) My focus is this years team, this years coach and this year's games
    6) We have spent too much time on stuff that is nice but really doesn't count

    Please let the season begin…………………….

  • twyzard

    I've about had it with BK and his BS. Everyone at IU seems to be doing what they can to mend the fences. Get over yourself BOBBY!! I grew up bleeding crimson and am still a diehard. TC and the team and all of the loyal fans deserve better. I kills me to think about all of those close-minded people who still believe basketball could never get better without the general walking thru the turnstiles at Assembly Hall. Get over it. If he would have kept his mouth shut, his hands to himself and stepped down from that high horse he was perched upon, maybe I could feel his distain.

  • JerryCT

    I only have nice things to say at this point because I remember that RMK is going to be buried “face down” ….. “so my critics can …………….best appreciate me ”

    Is that the way it went ?

    The season is a week away I say lets move on to Rivers, Dumes, Pritchard, Jones, Watford/Elston …………

  • BFowler

    Does anybody remember that time when after IU lost in the NCAA tournament one year when Coach Knight berated some guy running the post game news conferences because he told the media the coach was not coming and Coach Knight told him, “The only people who will tell you I'm not coming are our SID and me, now you sit there and shut up or leave. You've *&%^ed this up enough. (turns to the media) Now, about the game.” or, something on that thread? Just saying.

    I've always said I don't watch or root for the coach when I watch basketball. With that being said, I do root for my favorite university's team and the coach is the only one who stays longer than 5 years (ok, Evan Eschmeyer, but other than that). The coach becomes the star in college and controversy creates attention and attention begats more stardom (see – Calipari, John). I laughed when Coach Knight threw the chair in '85, became concerned when he broke the telephone in '87, wondered what was going on when he head-butted Sherron Wilkerson and kicked Pat Knight (well, he kicked “the chair” by their accounts), and by the time he told Connie Chung (wasn't it) to “sit back and enjoy it,” berated Jeremy Schapp, and whatever he did to Neil Reid, I was pretty much over it. I did not think he was above the law then and I feel the same way now. You just don't treat people that way.

    We do not know what happens behind closed doors, and especially what happened during the Knight tenure, but no one deserves to have so many indescretions regardless of record. One could argue that the money and attention he brought to the university outweighs the rest. One could say that the “men” he made are his legacy. But, now he will be seen as the petulent child and bully he has made himself to be. He has become the grumpy old guy who gripes how the “good ol' days” were so much better, doesn't have the internet or other “new fangled” things, and is constantly yelling at people to get off his lawn.

    Thanks Mr. Knight for your contributions to the university and the games your teams won and the joy you brought to the fans who enjoyed your tenure. I have become a huge fan of the teams that play at Assembly Hall because of you and I appreciate all the quality men who have come through your program. Your memory will be put into the Hall of Fame, and hopefully you will not do more to destroy whatever positive feelings the fans have of you.

  • GFDave

    Well said, I agree with you point for point. I do remember that he berated that NCAA person. I was embarrassed that someone who represented my university would act that way over a matter so small. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the end of the Knight wars, as I call them, and maybe Bob has unintentionally has helped end them.

  • jgongora86

    And I'm really getting tired of DickieV. I don't even care if the espn lacky's defend him. The next time he insults Indiana for this junk, I want our university to call him out. One person is not Indiana. The only constant in life is change, and if they want to carry a grudge tough. My University is not a punching bag to ESPN's or dickie V's amusement.

  • GFDave


  • plane1972

    A couple of years ago, I sent an email to the ESPN Ombudsman to respectfully complain about Vitale's coverage of Indiana games. Needless to say, I never heard a peep of a response. Why even have an outlet like that if you have no ability to respond to what has to be an insurmountable amount of correspondence. Give me Musberger and Lavin in Bloomington anyday over Vitale. At least they have some class and restraint in their coverage.

  • MillaRed

    Many interesting comments. I'm guessing most fans feel slighted etc. There is a lot of obviousness to this mess. “He's not ready” “He's still hurt” “He's an a-hole”

    I think it's a combination of them all really. But here's the deal, through all of the chair throwing, choking, cursing, Calbert Cheaney whipping, berating, (enter your own action verb here), who stood behind RMK? The FANS. The administration that dismissed him is gone. To this day he has a HUGE following in the IU nation.

    What about the fans coach? When is it “OK” for them to welcome you back? They backed you when you embarrassed yourself and the program. They backed you when you were dismissed. And they are backing you now. What is the statute of limitations on this devotion? I am wondering if you will give back some Indiana love before it expires.

    And Dick Vitale who is firmly camping out in your butt? He is nauseating. Who watches this guy? Everyone I know thinks he is terrible. Be careful who you are hanging with Coach.

  • hunteriualumni

    I agree. Knight never scorrd a point, made an assist or blocked a shot at IU. The question I have is did Knight make IU or did IU make Knight? He was not the genius he is given credit for at Army. We won championships before Knight and we will win after Knight. He did nothing after his run in the late 80s. I think it is sad that he would not want to be honored, but he is and was an a$$. I hope he never steps foot on our campus. As for being wrongly fired, he was given multilple chances to keep his job. He did not follow the program. How many of us would have kept our jobs given the same situation.