Dwight Williams to Korman: “We know this is a process”

  • 10/27/2009 10:33 am in

The latest comments from Dwight Williams, the father of David Williams, seem to indicate a level uncertainty on when or if he will sign a Letter of Intent with Indiana. Herald-Times Sports Editor Chris Korman posted this update last night on The Hoosier Scoop:

“He’s just thinking about having a good final year on the court and in the classroom,” Dwight Williams said. “He knows he’s going to college somewhere. Where? We know this is a process.”

Williams remains committed to Indiana, his father said.

Here’s what we know: Williams was not at Hoosier Hysteria and does not have an official visit to Bloomington scheduled. Neither Williams or his father has confirmed that he will sign with Indiana in November. Williams is not speaking to the media. And Indiana continues to recruit the 2010 class as evidenced by the recent offer to Will Sheehey and on-going courtship of Jelan Kendrick and Josh Selby.

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  • Hardwood83

    By all accounts a quality kid I certainly hope he finds the the right place- since it doesn't appear to be IU….unless he grows 3 more inches and develops a dominating inside game…….

  • GFDave

    All the furor over DW was for nothing. He's going somewhere else.

  • aerialM

    this isn't a slight on his ability, but it is hard to believe he's going to be a Hoosier. He's just nowhere to be found. Compared with other recruits, he's missing in action. We just don't see him or hear about him, so it really seems difficult to comprehend that he'll one day show up and sign with us, after a no-show at hysteria and with no visits planned…I wish him luck. Perhaps his spot goes to Sheehey? From what I heard about DW, what he brought to us was some defensive athleticism, depth and an A student in the classroom. All of which, it seems, Sheehey offers us as well. Best of luck David.

  • Ryan_T

    You're right, it seems Sheehey offers all of that AND much more. I always found it difficult to welcome the “David Williams is going to be a Hoosier so you might as well accept it” notion… but now I'll have to say that I'm much more willing to stomach the idea of Sheehey replacing Williams' on 2010 scholarship.

    With that being said, I agree with everyone above me in that David Williams seems like a great kid coming from a great family. However, I think it was in the best interest of the kid (as well as IU) to allow him to go elsewhere.

  • Diesel

    No offense IU Doug, getting a bit tired of seeing your picture under “Reactions” as I scroll down to see the latest comments on every thread. Any chance you could change the picture up a bit, say Megan Fox or something?

  • Diesel

    I'll admit, I was one of the 246 who voted yes to the David Williams poll, not that I was necessarily in favor of his coming just thought he would still end up in Bloomington. But after reading his Dad's comments last evening I definitely would change my vote.

    I still will contend that we'll see 3 guys in the 2010 recruiting class unless we get an early 2011 commit (cough…cough….J Davis…..cough)

  • i don't want to see this guy go – unless it's on his terms. we offered a scholly to him and i think we should stick by that. that said, i'm not sure this is the right place for him cuz where will pt for him come from? i think he should go somewhere where he can play and not be so scrutinized. i feel bad for the kid, he seems like a good guy but he's probably heard nonstop how much the fan base wishes the scholly wud be used on someone else.