Around the Hall: Bob Knight and Wednesday’s practice

  • 10/22/2009 9:01 am in

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+ Andy Katz talks to Mike Krzyzewski and the Duke coach says that Indiana should “celebrate” Bob Knight before he returns to Bloomington. {}

+ Dana O’Neil profiles the freshman class and gets a must-read quote from Bobby Capobianco. {}

+ Herald-Times sports editor Chris Korman and beat reporter Dustin Dopirak discuss Tom Crean’s focus on “Scoop Talk.” {The Hoosier Scoop}

+ Korman writes that Indiana players have decided they’ll need to become “nasty, scrappy dogs” to compete in the Big Ten. {The Hoosier Scoop}

+ LaMond Pope looks at the progression of Tom Pritchard, who Crean says has become more efficient offensively. {Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette}

+ Verdell Jones tells DaAntae Prince that IU practices are “like a war field.” {Indiana Daily Student}

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  • Kelin Blab

    Having played on teams where the first unit was as good as the second unit, I can tell you it makes a WORLD of difference in many ways to that team and coach. You do not have time to let up, you COMPETE every practice and you are looking over your shoulder at times. Verdell statement speaks volumes……..

  • Indiana Red

    I know this: when I go to my new business meeting at work later today, I won't be out there with pee running down my leg.

    Thanks for motivating me, Bobby C.

  • BGleas

    So true Kelin. My high school team was black and red and the 2nd unit was always the red team in practice. My sophomore year the 2nd unit adopted the name the “Red Squad” and even had t-shirts made up. The mission of the “Red Squad” every practice was to be beat the 1st Team as bad as possible.

    It became such a big thing at school that even the rest of student body knew about the Red Squad and would chant for them. Needless to say, we went 22-4 and won our league title.

  • GFDave

    I do love that quote for its visual and emotional content. I have a feeling Bobby C. is going to churn this kind of stuff out regularly.

  • because it's Indiana

    “We want stunned silence.” If I was any more pumped up after Bobby C's comment…I'd have pee running down MY leg! I'm practically throwing computers around the office. I may have to wear my candy striped pants to work tomorrow.

  • Kelin Blab

    ” We want that stunned silence……….” you gotta love Bobby C. I can see it now….IU v PU at Mackey…..2minutes to go….IU up 11, the crowd with a WTF look on their face………

  • hoosiergal

    I can picture it now. – –
    0 0

  • BFowler

    Capo is churning out the hiliarity already. I liked the quote where he said Coach Crean was “naturally caffeinated.” How about Elston and the we are here “to hang banners and win awards.” And, you have to love a kid like Hulls who says playing at Indiana is like a “life long dream.” Loving these new recruits so far.

  • hoosierclarion

    With Coach Crean and Capobianco at the ready in the locker room there should be no motivational lapses during the long season for this young bunch.