ITH Super Happy Fun Time Player Profile: Tijan Jobe

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wcs_tall_0105z_tcHoosier Hysteria is on the horizon and it’s time for Inside the Hall’s player-by-player breakdown of the 2009-2010 Indiana Hoosiers. Today: Tijan Jobe.

I don’t feel confident about much in my life. I’m wrong about a lot, and even the stuff I get right leaves room for doubt. But if there is something I feel wholly confident stating, it is that — and I say this without the slightest hint of exaggeration — the Hoosiers’ most important player in 2009-10 will be Tijan Jobe.

Of course, this should come as no surprise to any faithful Indiana basketball fan. If you paid attention last year, you saw the seeds of what should turn out to be a legendary IU basketball career begin to sprout. Jobe is a dominant big man, a versatile force on the inside, a veritable monster from end to end. Some players, if they’re big and strong enough, earn the nickname “Baby Shaq.” Little known fact: When Shaq first started playing basketball, they called him “Baby Tijan.”

Perhaps the highlight of the 2008-09 season was watching Jobe enter games at crucial moments and simply take over. Few players have that quality, but Tijan is one of them. It was a shame Jobe didn’t play more minutes last year, but one can understand why: Tom Crean clearly made the strategic decision to keep Tijan on the bench in an attempt — futile though it may have been — to keep Jobe’s profile low. In 2009-10, the Big Ten better look out. No such mercy will be granted. Jobe will be freed. And it will be spectacular.

Bottom line: Just kidding. Tijan’s pretty bad. But he’s a good kid and a hard worker, and we love him. And sometimes that’s all that matters.

Quotable: The 7-foot, 255-pound Jobe, by the way, has become more of a threat to teammates than opponents. Guard Jeremiah Rivers is hobbled from a bruised thigh courtesy of a collision with Jobe. Guard Daniel Moore was knocked out by a Jobe elbow in preparation for last year’s game against Minnesota.

“I don’t know what we’re going to do with him,” Crean says. “We have to put him in some of the drills. He has the ability to hurt his teammates. I know he doesn’t mean to, but goodness gracious.”

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  • Name

    As I was reading this I was thinking what planet are you from???????? Then I read the Bottom Line! Good job

  • stevealford

    Can’t wait to have that scholarship opened up.
    Any word on Jobe the second’s eligibility yet?

  • peaychris

    i dont know what made me think of “mike tysons punch out” but i get the feeling that Jobe is kind of like the “glass joe” of the 2010 team..

  • BaseballBuc

    You guys really got me. I was sitting here reading this thinking, “you've got to be kidding me.” But I agree he is nothing more than a practice dummy. Although it will give the guys a chance to go against a 7 footer every day in practice.

  • Kelin Blab

    Based on Crean's comments, a successful season for Tijan this year, is for him not to hurt anyone wearing the cream and crimson this year….Hold your breath Friday night during the madness…

    On a side note……..Great article on some Hoosier Hysteria vistors and Zeller, Carlino, and Etherington playing some pick up games with/at IU…..

  • timindc

    Awesome post. This brightened my day.

  • aerialM

    …but really, if we got kyle taber junior year-like #'s, i'd be thrilled. if he can keep his teammates healthy and see a few minutes here and there, a putback, a rebound, he'd make my year. (if not, let him run wild on illinois!)

  • Tijan's season will be a smashing success if can can accomplish any one of the following: a) score on an alley-oop; b) rebound & make a 10'+ outlet pass in less than 4 seconds; c) block 2 shots in a game; or d) straight bust an opponent's star post player's grill. No other player in the history of IU will bring the F'n house down like Tijan for completing the most redimentary of tasks- and that's just awesome!

  • because it's Indiana

    From one akward tall guy to another…keep fighting Jobe we're behind you!

  • JerryCT

    He is our basketball version of a “beanball”. I like sending him out there to do what he does best………………….causing opposing players to fear for their health

  • Diesel

    I believe John Chaney from Temple referred to it as “sending in the goon”

  • CreamandCrimson

    He looked so awkward on the court last year. At times, painful to watch. There are people making comparisons between Tijan and Bawa Muniru. They are not valid. Bawa is not “Tijan the second”. Muniru has some skills and he is not near as awkward as Tijan.

    I loved the effort when he got in but I hope there is never a point when we need him to provide anything off the bench.

  • hoosierboy

    Someone please tell me that Bawa is a lot better than Jobe right now. If he is only a little better than that tells us how good he really is!

  • stevealford

    Well his senior year in high school he wasn't good enough to start a lot of the games and he is near 7 feet tall. Do you know of any skilled 7 footers who aren't dominating the high school level?

  • hoosierboy

    Well if than thats sad that Crean has to go that low onthe totem pole just to get a big man. So you are basically saying we have two wasted sholorships on 7 footers from Africa that have limited basketball skills. That makes a lot of sense!