Hall Notes: Kyrie Irving, Moses Morgan and more

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irving051609a“Hall Notes” is a gathering of news clips mixed with opinion that, on their own, probably wouldn’t have made it on Inside the Hall. But throw them all together and well, here we go …

+ Kyrie Irving (pictured) hosted the Duke coaching staff on Wednesday night for the first of his in-home visits. On Thursday, both Devils Illustrated (Rivals) and The Devils Den (Scout) decided that squeezing every pro-Blue Devil comment out of Irving was the perfect way to cause an uproar on the IU message boards. It worked. Remember, it’s far from uncommon for a recruit to gush about a visit immediately after it happens. The Indiana coaching staff will make their way to Elizabeth (NJ) on Sunday to meet with Irving and barring any scheduling changes, he’ll visit Bloomington on the weekend of October 3.

+ Moses Morgan will visit Indiana this weekend and Dustin Dopirak of The Herald-Times caught up with the 6-5 wing before he boarded his flight to Indianapolis. If Morgan’s comments are any indication, the commitment of Victor Oladipo earlier this week will not factor into his decision. DePaul, Minnesota, Arizona State and Clemson are also in the running for Morgan.

+ Tom Crean announced the hiring of Drew Adams and Mason Revelette in a press release on Wednesday night. Adams, 24, will be the coordinator of basketball systems and Revelette, 22, will be a graduate assistant. Most of the chatter concerning the announcement has centered around Adams, who has strong ties to the Indiana Elite AAU program. Adams served as a student assistant the past two seasons at Tennessee and is a graduate of Bloomington South where he played for three seasons.

+ Kyle Neddenriep of The Indianapolis Star reported on Thursday that the IHSAA is close to ruling on the eligibility of Bloomington South guard and IU commitment Matt Carlino. According to Carlino’s father Mark, a decision is expected in the “next week or so.”

+ Mike Pegram of Inside Indiana/Peegs.com tweeted late on Wednesday that Marquis Teague could potentially visit Indiana on Saturday. At this point, it’s hard to view Teague as anything but a heavy lean to Louisville.

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  • sacajacabuncar

    Irving will be ours after the visit on Sunday. I'm feelin' it. Duke's visit was just a way he could be sure he is making the right decision to be in B'town next year. Crean will seal the deal on Sunday.

  • Kelin Blab

    In the great words of that Italian Restaurant Lover Ricky P…..
    “Moses Morgan is not walking through that door people…..” The signing of Vic O ended that. I would be shocked if he committed to IU.

    Not worried about Duke and KI, this is not the Duke of old and they have recruiting problems.
    Does anyone know when Austin Rivers is visiting IU???? (wishful thinking)

    From someone in the know…..Teague to Louisville, not even worth another blurb….

  • GFDave

    I really don't think that Crean would waste Morgan's time with a visit unless he was still recruiting him. So I don't that VO took his offer. KI has a firm schollie offer, but I don't know what to think beyond that. There appears to be a need for some subtraction to go along with all the addition.

  • Name

    Irving isn’t visiting this Sunday. Crean is going to his house Sunday. He will visit October 3rd I believe.

  • roninjeffersonville

    I think Morgan has a place on this team. Personnal I tink we owe it to Wiston. Wish Sean Mays was being recruited.
    People dont forget we have Morgan, poole and Irving visiting. it is possible to sign all three. Again some of the people on this team now, will not be here next year. You have to earn the right to play EACH year. I tink that is great : to have the last man off the bench as good as your starters
    I get the feeling Duke is scaried and trying to build hope. I feel he will come to IU. And bring some interesting friends with him.

  • tg1438

    Personally I'm not worried about Teague. It seems like he was going to make his decision last November and we keep hearing that it's delayed for longer and longer. We are already in on enough good PG's (Irving and JDavis especially) that we can deal without getting him.

    I agree with some of the comments about Duke. I think they are a little scared and they rightfully should be. KI has already come out once and said that IU was the favorite (then realized that wasn't the best political move), but he's always mentioned them over other suitors (I just have a strong gut feeling he will wear the Cream and Crimson). And wouldn't it be great if he brought some ultra talented, athletic, and big friends with him?

    Not sure about Morgan yet. Could he help? Yeah, but where does he play and whose spot does he take?

  • sacajacabuncar

    Yes, I know KI isn't visiting Sunday. I was talking about Crean's visit to his house on Sunday.

  • Name

    KI is trying to reach 2000 followers on his twitter page. If a bunch of indiana fans jump him over 2000, think it will seal the deal?

  • BobbyDigital


  • hoosierboy

    Ya…. I think that will confirm him to come to IU. hahahahahaha. lmao
    Im hearin that he is higher on Duke than he was before. We better not let the Crazies run away with this guy. Crean better remember everything we did to get this far with KI and not get to relaxed. I trust in CTC.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    ITH Gang…
    Kelin, I thought you said before that Teague was a lock for UK but you just mention that he is headed to the Ville? Personally I really don't think he would do us any good especially if he is one and done coupled with the fact that he is 6'2 and we will land KI.
    I do agree with you comment that we will not land M Morgan and we don't need another 6'5 wing.

    So if we do land KI and we over commit by one who is it that we really want for 2010. My personal thoughts are that we need to either get Brandon Mobley 6'9, Josh Smith 6'10 or this Enes Kanter guy from Turkey 6'10. I curious as to what the ITH gang thinks as to the last scholly for 2010 if we oversign by one???

  • I don't get the sense that Mobley, Smith or Kanter are realistic possibilities.

  • Don't know if anyone else saw this, but Angel Garcia, former target for IU who went to Memphis, tore his ACL and will be out the whole season. He missed last year due to eligibility issues. Feel bad for the kid but it's interesting how things worked out


  • MillaRed

    Why do you say that Alex?

  • aerialM

    I'm of the mind we're not in play for mobley, smith or kanter. with mobley, he seems to be interested in us but i'm not sure the feeling is mutual. if it were, wouldn't we have heard more? and it's good to be in the discussion w/smith and kanter (& I like crean letting them get to see iu) we're probably not going to walk away with them. smith might not leave the west coast & i'm not sure either smith or kanter have an appreciation of what iu is about. it'll be a tough selll for crean b/c we're going to have to deal with them looking at what we have been rather than what we're going to be & we're probably going to lose both of them to bigger schools, flashier coaches. like, say, coach cal…

  • Kanter – There are 50/60 schools recruiting him.
    Smith – Not sure how much IU is even recruiting him at this point. A lot of schools also on him.
    Mobley – Hear he is leaning towards Cincinnati and not sure how much IU is really interested.

  • Kelin Blab

    It is almost 1pm Sunday….I wonder what Crean is telling Kyrie Irving right now and his family……???

    Colts 31 Jags 17

  • jgongora86

    is anybody nervous that KI seems to be liking duke a lot more? I am.

  • Kelin Blab

    Not really, I think what is in IU's favor is KI and Crean have a long Marquette/IU relationship. I think that really helps along with Crean's full court press this summer and his recruitment of KI even during his time he was not eligible to play…..it paid off on Etherington…..

  • roninjeffersonville

    Very good point Kelin. But on twitter he had great visits from Kentucky and Duke. Nothing( so far about us). plus he wrote: “2,003 followers thx to everybody that helped me…workout today and Indiana in home visit let's get this done”. Almost sounds like a chore to have our visit. I have to admit I don't have a good feeling right now about how this is going.
    But I do want to remind everyone what happened to Louisville and Fab Melo. Everyone thought he was going to Louisville, even one week before he signed with Syracuse. And how many people thought Will Barton was going to Kentucky (raise your hand Jody)? Bottom line is who knows where theses guys will sign till they do. Never mind if he verbal commits, then he can always change his mind.

  • hoppotato

    We all should be. His first comment after the visit is about “kanye west.” Ok?? Next, Rivals just downgraded his interest from High to Medium (http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/basketball/recruit…). Done deal…no. Leaning heavily that way…it appears so. The climb back may take a little longer than expected.

  • GFDave

    He used the phrase “let's get this done” several times on various topics. I think it is a catch phrase for him.

  • GFDave

    He used the phrase “let's get this done” several times on various topics. I think it is a catch phrase for him.