State of the Hall: September 2, 2009

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A couple of ITH related notes that we feel compelled to pass along, after the jump:

+ Commenting: As the Disqus service continues to evolve, the commenting system here at ITH continues to improve. You’ve probably noticed some changes in the look and feel of comments, but the core elements are still intact. If you’re not signed up with Disqus, we highly encourage you to do so. The option to comment with Twitter, Facebook or an OpenID account is also available.

A couple of tools we’d like to see utilized more often: 1. If you enjoy a particular comment, use the “like” button. This helps commenters build a reputation for posting solid comments. 2. If you notice a comment that you feel is inappropriate, use the “flag” link. This will not remove a comment, but it will alert us to review it.

As we get closer to the season, we’ll be seeking your input on whether you’d like to see the live blogs continue or shift back to a traditional game thread with real-time commenting.

+ Twitter: Our account continues to grow as we recently surpassed the 1,000 follower mark. This is an excellent resource to pick up interesting links and/or comments from us that might not make it on the site. We’ll also have some prizes to give away throughout the season via Twitter.

+ New Design: Initially, we had mixed feedback on our new look, but now that everything has been ironed out, the “new” ITH is more user friendly and is also more friendly for your Web browser to load.

+ Advertisers: We would like to thank Joe’s Bar on Weed Street in Chicago and T.I.S. Bookstore/ for their continued support of Inside the Hall. If you’re able to support either of these businesses in any way, we encourage you to do so. For our readers in Chicago, we hope to put together a gathering this season at Joe’s. Additionally, we’d love to hear from you if you’re interesting in advertising on the site.

+ Ryan at If you’re a regular over at the Worldwide Leader, we encourage you to do a search and read some of Ryan’s work on the Jock-O-Sphere.  Or you can just click here.

+ Spread the Word: The best way to continue to grow our community is by word of mouth. Whether it’s passing along the ITH name to a friend in conversation or by sending an email to a friend with our URL, anything you can do to help spread the word is appreciated.

+ Donations: Thanks to everybody who has been able to contribute to the site. We do realize that donating is not realistic for everybody, but your support is appreciated. The site will continue to be a free resource as it’s always been, but the costs and time to maintain ITH are at times significant. We also made an effort over the spring and summer to make it AAU events like the adidas May Classic, Kentucky Hoopfest and the It Takes 5ive Classic and would like to continue to be able to make similar, if not more, trips in the future. To make a donation, simply click the “Make a Donation” button near the top right corner of the site.

Thanks for your continued readership and support. If you have any questions or thoughts, please sound off in the comments or drop us a line at [email protected].

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  • sacajacabuncar

    Thanks for the update. Sometimes I still have trouble logging into Disqus from my home computer. I'll put in username and password and it acts like it wants to do something, but then goes back to original page and I have to comment as a guest. If I can get that worked out, this is a great site and fun to interact with everyone whether we all agree or not. Go Hoosiers!!

  • Try these steps from Disqus, depending on your browser:

    On FireFox:

    * On Mac, go to Firefox > Preferences from the menu bar.
    * On Windows, go to Tools > Options at the top of the window.
    * Click the Privacy tab. Check Accept Third Party Cookies as shown below.

    On Safari:

    * Go to Safari > Preferences > Security tab
    * Check Always accept cookies

    On Chrome:

    * Look to the top right, and find Wrench > Options > Under the Hood > Cookie Settings
    * Check Allow All Cookies

  • hoosierboy

    This is such a great place for me to come when I want to go to my happy place. As everyone here I am passionate about my hoosiers, and I don't know what I would do if i couldn't get wonderful updates from ITH. Great work guys.

  • Kelin Blab

    Let me summarize ITH for you in my 'world”

    Logon to computer:
    1. Check ITH to see if KI has signed
    2. Check my hotmail
    3. Check ITH to see if KI has signed
    4. Dinner, Family, a little TV, nightly prayers for family, country, and the signing of KI
    5. Check ITH to see if KI has signed

    I'm not kidding, and this is during the offseason.

  • Name

    in need of intervention?

  • BFowler

    The new design has been easy to adapt to, in my opinion. I log in every morning (after I turn on ESPN Radio on-line) and check out the new news, then check almost every link to the right–>.
    Then I do some work for an hour or two then see if there is anything new. Then repeat.
    I enjoy seeing the comments from fellow IU fans. I have to say out of all the places I go for news about IU basketball (I do root for the football team, but that is an exercise in futility. It's like when Einstein said the definition of insanity is, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” I am insane.) this site is my absolute favorite. Alex, Ryan, Eamonn – keep up the fantastic work.

  • Certainly seems that way. Only kidding, Kelin. (Sort of.)

  • CreamandCrimson

    Love the site, keep up the great work! Did anyone see Pitino hired Pike High School's top assistant? Man, full court press on Teague. I'll be honest, I would love for Marquis Teague to come to Indiana but I have my doubts about him. His father is constantly in the news, his brother disappeared at times at Wake Forest and now he has this package deal thing with the 'Ville. I would rather have KI anyway. Football season starts tonight, another sign basketball season at IU is close!

  • As bad as it looks, this type of thing happens everyday in college basketball. It's part of the “game” in a business that is extremely competitive. Bottom line: You land top players and win games or you are replaced by someone who will.

    On a side note, Indiana hired Travis Steele as video coordinator to help in the recruitment of Eric Gordon.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I am well aware that it happens all the time and that it is part of the recruiting game. You're right, win or get out. There is no question that if Rick Pitino had not been winning big at Louisville, his recent scandal would have gotten him fired pretty quickly.
    I remember Indiana hiring Travis Steele to help recruit Eric Gordon. I didn't say this was right or wrong, just pointing it out. There was a column written by Rick Bozich (think that's his name) about how important this recruit was to Pitino. No doubt he is extremely talented and like I said, I would love to have him at IU. However, I would rather have KI.

  • because it's Indiana

    WHEN KI signs, I want KB mentioned in the article. I don't have much, but I'll put a $5 donation on it. Will anyone else match my contribution on that? $10 if it's in the headline!

  • Kelin Blab

    When KI signs I will more that likely be the first one to post something about it…….

    I probaly would have been the most hated man on ITH years ago if it existed during the Mike Davis era. They hated me on as I defended Mike D for as long as I could, up until he lost oden and didn't recruit Gordon and Conley……nothing else I could do…..

  • ChristinaRWorthington

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