Run Billy, Run

  • 03/27/2009 11:12 pm in

Unless you’ve been away from a computer, TV, radio and civilization all day, you’ve heard by now that Billy Gillispie has been relieved of his coaching duties at the University of Kentucky.

But what you probably haven’t seen is the gem of video below. It’s worth a view, regardless of your fan affiliation:

What you just witnessed was two reporters, one from Lexington and one from Louisville, literally chase Gillispie through the Joe Craft Center (UK’s practice facility). Nevermind the fact that he was supposedly on the phone and went through a door that required security credentials. Had the secretary not stepped in at the end, Gillispie might have ended up tied down to a chair in his office until he talked.

You can read Eamonn’s take on this ridiculousness here.

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