Hulls leads South one step closer to perfect regular season

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Throughout the season, Inside the Hall will keep you posted on how the six Indiana signees and 2011 commitment Matt Carlino are performing at their respective schools. Here’s our latest update:

+ Jordan Hulls: The future IU point guard led his team to a pair of wins — 91-46 at Perry Meridian on Friday and 73-67 vs. Detroit Country Day on Saturday — and the Panthers moved to 20-0 on the season. Hulls had 14 points in the win over Perry Meridian as Bloomington South completed its second straight undefeated season in Conference Indiana. Hulls backed that up with 27 points on Saturday as South, No. 5 nationally, knocked off No. 4 Detroit Country Day in front of a sold out crowd. Hulls was 8 of 14 from the field and 8 of 8 from the free throw line.

+ Maurice Creek: Hargrave Military Academy improved to 21-1 with a 106-84 win over the North Carolina JV team in Chapel Hill. Creek scored 26 points and grabbed six rebounds. Creek told Inside the Hall over the weekend that he’ll be participating in the Derby Festival Classic in Louisville the weekend of April 11.

+ Christian Watford: Shades Valley dropped the Alabama Class 6-A Northeast Region Finals 53-50 on Friday to Vestavia Hills. Watford scored 17 points, but his 3-point attempt with six seconds remaining didn’t fall.

+ Derek Elston: Tipton, No. 2 in Class 2-A, moved to 18-2 with a 60-47 win over Frankfort on Friday night. Elston had a game-high 21 points.

+ Bobby Capobianco: Loveland moved to 9-0 in the Fort Ancient Valley Conference with wins over Withrow and Milford. In Tuesday’s 64-54 win over Withrow, Capobianco had 17 points and 10 rebounds. In Friday’s 57-55 win over Milford, the 6-8 forward had 10 points and 14 rebounds.

+ Bawa Muniru: No statistical information available, but I did answer some of your questions about Bawa in a piece last week.

+ Matt Carlino: Carlino’s Highland team finished the regular season with a 24-3 record and earned the No. 1 seed in the AIA 5-A Division I tournament. Highland will face Corona del Sol at 7:00 PM local time on Thursday. You can view the tournament bracket here.

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  • hoosierstar13

    Jordan Hulls plays for the Bloomington south PANTHERS, the Cougars are their in town rivals. But it was a great game!

  • JerryCT

    Although his numbers are not like Watford I read on Demling ( I think ) a while back that Capo is ranked #2 in Ohio.

  • Noted, Hoosierstar13. My apologies.

  • IndianaJoe

    I just read that with Hulls' 27 points he also had 7 rebounds. These 7 boards came with dcc's having a huge front line of 6'11, 6'10 and 6'8. This tells me has got some tenacity and can scrap.

  • JerryCT

    Demling says we are still looking to land someone for 2009. Anybody know anything ?

  • He's referring to Darius Smith. 6'2″ point guard out of Chicago that's probably going to jump to four-star status when the new rankings come out.

  • tberry

    “Bobby Capobianco: Loveland moved to 9-0 in the Fort Ancient Valley Conference with wins over Withrow and Milford. “

    Why is Capo's team only playing 9+ games when all the other's schools are playing 20+ games?

  • hoosierfan30

    Hopefully being the most dominant player on the court playing against a team that starts five major d-1 prospects opens everyone on heres eyes that hulls is just as much a high end prospect as everyone else in this recruiting class. Between him and Darwin Davis Jr. they showed that what all you self proclaimed “scouts” don't realize. Terrific ball handling, EXCELLENT shooting and a high basketball IQ can overcome a lack of physical ability anyday. I attended this game and without 6' on a good day Hulls and 5'10 davis south loses this game by double digits. So this should squash any of the criticism on Hulls and hoosier nation should really get excited about what theyre going to get to watch the next four years.

  • Mike P – Chicago

    9-0 in conference only games….they are 16-3 overall.

  • Kelin Blab

    Why would IU get another point guard especially for 09' when they have hulls, rivers, and verdell. Sure verdell is a combo guard as well as rivers, but until I see otherwise…Hulls is their best PG right now.

  • JerryCT

    I cannot recall anybody criticizing Hulls on this site or any other for that matter.

    I have heard reservations about the following:

    1. Defense , which is never discussed and desparately needed ( see Wake's defense last night ) from freshmen
    2. Contribution, just how much freshmen can be a difference maker in their first season if they are not a top 25 player
    3. Bunch of Freshmen, like we see this year a whole bunch of inexperience is hard to coach your way out of

    I donot see this as criticism of any recruits just the likely reality of what we are dealing with. Personally I don't even want a one&done anymore despite thier success on NCAA championship teams. In that regard I am happy with where we are.

  • JerryCT


    We avg 61 pts / game on offense this year. That was enough pts to win 14 games last year .

  • hoosierfan30

    not on this thread but if you go back a few pages to the videos on hulls there were comments about his lack of size, “big ten speed”, and his ability to get his shot off against big ten competition. I'm only referring to those concerns. They were unwaranted and probably from those who have not actually seen hulls play live.

  • Taskmaster75

    I'd rather save the scholarship for a big man in 2010/11

  • RobertSchell

    It would be nice to see South go all the way…and JR Holmes get passed Regionals with a South squad for once. If they win their last regular season game, it will be Holmes' 600th win….pretty impressive!

  • cooper

    Not sure how concerns about someon 6' tall getting shots off is unwarranted. I don't think that is criticism either, HS and college aren't the same and neither are the players. He definitely looks like he can handle the ball. I hope he is great.

    I think the 61pts a game is misleading, no team playing IU is playing their hardest on D, they don't need to. With that said I agree with Jerry, we need some stoppers on D, something Williams should be this year but isn't yet

  • Kelin Blab

    People, can we accept that Jordan Hulls is a solid solid player. His height is not any more of an issue that it was for alford 6'2, Zeke 6'1, and damon baily 6'3 who was NOT a pg but should have been. Jordan Hulls has met every challenge put in front of him over an over and I have the utmost CONFIDENCE he will succeed at the Big Ten level……is he perfect NO, but the kid can flat out BALL……ask Pike, ask Detroit Country Day and little ray…

  • Huna

    Hulls is a stud and should be ranked much higher among point guards – maybe that is why Coach K wanted him at Duke. Dismantling Detroit like he did was impressive.

    Who was the last great point guard at IU?

  • Luke

    Hulls was awesome.

    on another note before the DCD game i was not sold on Darwin Davis but i am now. Kid can flat out ball. He easily moved in and out of DCD's bigs and scored some big time points not to mention a momentum swinging steal from Ray Ray for a layup

  • indyhoosier

    I caught the highlights from peegs and listened to the game and I’m more excited about Jordan Hulls than I was about EJ two years ago. That might have something to do with the situation that the team is in this year, but this guy can straight up play ball. I’m glad that CTC is recruiting winners and I think an offer to Davis should come shortly. I predict that in five years Hulls could very well be in the coversation for favorite hoosier of all time. I don’t care how unorthadox his shot may be I like that cutter.

  • Kelin Blab

    Indy Hoosier, you very well could see an offer to Darwin Davis and Spencer Turner, I read awhile back IU is looking at them both….which would be awesome

  • Kelin Blab

    Indy Hoosier, you very well could see an offer to Darwin Davis and Spencer Turner, I read awhile back IU is looking at them both….which would be awesome