ITH Video: Darwin Davis Jr.

  • 02/06/2009 1:42 pm in

Before you watch this lovely piece of footage I edited for your viewing pleasure, I’d like to say a little something about Bloomington South sophomore Darwin Davis Jr. At first glance, he doesn’t scream ‘high major prospect.’ Calling him 5-9 might be a bit generous. But for what this kid lacks in stature, he makes up with how he understands the game of basketball. Jordan Hulls isn’t the only reason is South is undefeated, ranked No. 1 in state and recognized as one of the top ten teams nationally. Davis Jr. is a big piece of the puzzle for JR Holmes. He may not end up a Hoosier, but he’s going to be a steal for the school that lands him. Enjoy:

Darwin Davis Jr. from Inside The Hall on Vimeo.

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