Tonight is the night IU gets its first conference win

  • 02/04/2009 3:27 pm in

Back in my days at the Indiana Daily Student — hey look, new design! — I used to do a bit in the paper the day of each basketball game called “Beyond the Arc,” which was basically just a 200-word prediction about the night’s game. (Does this still exist? Osterman?)

It was pretty much why IU would win, or why they would lose, with a final score prediction. People marveled at how well I did with this — I predicted for every conference game, including calling that upset of then No. 2 Wisconsin at Assembly Hall; I’m pretty sure I only got one game wrong all year — but people were dumb for thinking I was actually good at it.

I had a pretty simple formula: If the Hoosiers was playing at home, they’d win. If they were playing on the road, they’d lose. That was about all there was to it.

This season, things are even more simplistic: If you’ve predicted an “L” for every single conference game this year, you would be correct, sir. If nothing else, these Hoosiers have been consistent.

But, I’m going out on a limb tonight. Tonight, my friends, my fellow Hoosiers, IU will win. Tom Crean and crew are going to put it together against a reeling Iowa Hawkeyes squad, a team they gave a good game to in Iowa City to start the conference season.

It’s just feels right. They’ve looked good — well, in a relative sense — the last few times on the court. Tonight they put it together for a win.

Now, who’s with me?

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