Report: Knight interested in Georgia opening

  • 02/01/2009 11:53 am in

Could Bob Knight be making his final stop in coaching in the SEC? If you believe the speculation from Furman Bisher in this morning’s Atlanta Journal Constitution, Knight is interested in the opening at Georgia:

It can be done, but as you’d imagine, only if done his way. His way:

“He doesn’t want it to look as if he’s pursuing the job. He’d like to be offered it, and if offered, he’d take it,” said a mutual friend, who did not want to be named but was willing for this columnist to report Knight’s interest.

“He doesn’t want it to look as if he’s looking for work, but I can assure you that he’d like to have the job. It’s the idea of coaching a team in the Southeastern Conference that appeals to him. There are just so many things he could do for Georgia basketball. This would be his last stop, and he likes that.”

I’ve gotta be honest: If I was a Georgia fan, I’d want no part of this. Nothing against Knight: He’s obviously one of the greatest coaches of all-time, but he’s just not in the position to build a program for the long haul. He could up and leave at any time (see Texas Tech) and it’s questionable if he can still recruit top notch talent. If I’m an AD or President at a school in a major conference, I’d say thanks Bob, but no thanks.

{Thanks to ITH reader Patrick for the tip.}

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