DeAndre Jordan thinks Eric Gordon is an alien

  • 01/27/2009 2:47 pm in

I was browsing the Interweb earlier this morning and came across this gem from Clippers rookie DeAndre Jordan on our boy EJ:

“By the way, Eric got banned from the team half-court competition. I told you how after practice we have competitions; one of them is taking half-court shots and seeing who can make the most. He got so good that now he shoots from half-court like he’s shooting from the free-throw line. He’s so strong he can just step into it and make it almost every time. I watched him yesterday after practice. He was taking and making shots from about a foot inside the half-court line. His upper body and lower body are so strong that he doesn’t even have to really push the ball. He just shoots it and the ball flies out of his hands. He’s actually banned from a lot of things, like lifting weights. He’s too big. I think he’s an alien. Or I think when he was born his parents locked him up in the basement with weights and didn’t let him out until he was 15, then he started playing basketball.”

Remember that ridiculous range Gordon showed us last season? That was nothing. Before you know it, he’ll be tempted to try one of these long range bombs in a game situation. And he’ll probably make it. He is, after all, a freak. Or an alien. Either one works.

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