Good, Bad and Ugly: Ohio State

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Verdell Jones looked incredibly competent in the point guard role tonight (I feel like this was the first time all year we didn’t get a lot of Daniel Moore dribbling all over the place, which was somewhat comforting), and it was nice to see Devan Dumes on the court, even if he was still a little hobbled by his ankle injury. For as feast or famine as he can be, we need him on the court. Tom Pritchard hit up another double-double with 16 points and 11 boards, though half those points came in the final five minutes.

IU came out somewhat strong to start the second half and held onto the pace for a bit, but the levee eventually broke for good.

Fifteen offensive boards ain’t too shabby, either.


Defending the three. A trend is starting to develop early on in Big Ten season here, one in which IU is giving up wide-open 3-pointers all over the place. Michigan just happened to miss a ton in the first half of Indiana’s game against them, and that’s how the Hoosiers were able to amass such a lead — only to see it all come crumbling down. Illinois hit a million against us, and tonight it was more of the same. Ohio State tallied their season high IN THE FIRST HALF ALONE tonight, as they knocked down 11-of-16 in the first frame. Yeesh. When the three wasn’t the go-to shot in the second half, Ohio State continued to make the extra pass, and starting hitting layups and dunks.

Oh, also: We’ve now lost seven straight, the first time since the 1963-64 season, according to ESPN. Raise your hand if you were even born then. Sigh.

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  • NC Fat Boy

    Not having seen the game, I suppose the final score is not that important…. LOL

    Hand Raised…

  • kgork

    Our perimeter defense is just abysmal. Teams are going off on us way too much for it to ever be considered a fluke.

    Jones looked very good tonight, and there were plenty of times where I felt he was the best player on the court for either team. Pritchard would be so good if he was just a tad more athletic. He's like Aaron Gray, just not 7'0″.

    *sigh* We may be able to win this next game at least.

  • Clay

    I think it would be a great idea to put the final score of the game in the Good, Bad and Ugly post. Just a thought.

  • BobbyDigital

    Yea…. we kind of suck at basketball….

    Anyone see that UK game? Jodie Meeks is a robot. He is better than Stephan Curry. Maybe the best guard I've seen this season…. makes me sick.

  • BeerTruck

    At least we dunked it once….Pritchard late in the game.
    I like TP, but he gets his shot blocked alot. Zero hops…
    We really play below the rim.

    I think VJ3 will only get better. I'd really like to see him put on 10-15 lbs this summer.

    **hand down, but only by a few years**

  • TexasHoosier

    Very impressed with Verdell. It's very clear that he needs to put on some weight. I loved how the guys were fighting in there, literally. Obviously we're going to lose some games this year but I don't mind losing when we're fighting and just pissing the other team off by hanging around and not giving up until the last horn.

    Gotta give some love to Finkelmeier!! Great few minutes played and great rebounds. I just wish he wasn't so afraid to shoot it when he gets to the rim.

    Where the eff was Matt Roth last night?! Maybe he had a bad couple of days in practice? But how about that block he had! He stapled it to the backboard.

    Still loyal, still hopeful…

  • JerryCT

    Dumes looked hurt but played his tail off. I liked his challenge of Lauderdale. Williams is getting better on offense but was a joke on defense as Turner made him look clumsy. Jones was pretty good again. Can TP learn a shot fake ? I think I saw one.

    This was a game where Rivers, if he could limit Diebler to just 2 x 3pt shots would have single handedly put us in the game.

  • That's usually done in the recap, but we didn't have one last night. So, I suppose a final score would have been nice. Noted, Clay.

  • tyzaksa

    I'm still trying to figure out if I liked OSU doing a press for basically the last 10 minutes of the 2nd half or not. It was a good learning tool but also not necessary. Would like to see them get into the offense sooner as that is one aspect that hasn't improved at all since the start of the season. Finkelmeier had some good moments and Jones looked better. As long as we play a team with a 3 guard offense, we should be able to stay in the game.

  • Unknown

    whoaaaaaaaaaa……..dont get ahead of your self dude, Stephan Curry can shoot from anywhere on the court and has had about three 40pt games this season….i am not taking away anything from Meeks but you cant judge some guy on one game, yea it was amazing but there are 30 something games and we are half way through how can you tell who the best guard is in one game…come on i thought you were a IU fan (meaning that you have somewhat of a basketball sense) !!!.

  • TomCoverdaleIUHero

    All I know is I am glad not to see Daniel Moore running around dribbling the ball with no offensive moment but him. Verdell looks good still concerned about his size but him Nick Williams and Tom Pritchard are carrying this team

  • Gary

    I think if we look in the near future one thing that IU will have is a team with talent and a supporting bench with a significant amount of experience. The talent coming in next season with Pritchard, Dumes, Story and Williams is very positive and unique. In combination with a great coach in Crean, good times are coming to Bloomington soon!

  • Taskmaster75

    Oh well, OSU is a NCAA team this year, it's a rough game to watch us get in such a huge hole so quick, but at least I saw some good things in several areas.

  • Taskmaster75

    Oh well, OSU is a NCAA team this year, it's a rough game to watch us get in such a huge hole so quick, but at least I saw some good things in several areas.