Good, Bad and Ugly: Iowa

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Tom Crean. After Indiana’s abysmal last couple games, starting out on the road in the Big Ten — no matter what the team — and having the Hoosiers in it at the end impressed me. Credit the coach for having his guys ready.

The defense. In the first half, Indiana’s press coupled with some good defense in the half court kept them close. They trailed by only six at half. Iowa shot better in the second half, but they never got a lead so big a mini-run by IU couldn’t bring them right back into the game.

Rebounds. Despite Cyrus Tate’s monster game inside (22 points, 11 rebounds) IU out-rebounded the Hawkeyes 30-27.

Free throws. There were some frustrating front-end one-and-one misses for the Hoosiers in the first half, but they shot a respectable 17-of-22 for the game.

Turnovers. IU only turned the ball over 11 times against the Hawkeyes.


Fouls. IU had a bazillion of them. Both Kyle Taber — who was having a pretty solid game — and Devan Dumes fouled out, and Tom Pritchard had four for a good section of the second half. In the final moments of the game, having a guy like Dumes — no matter how erratic he sometimes is — would have been the best option for IU to get a quick bucket. Without him, IU was limited in their already limited offense.

The offense. We know the talent isn’t quite there, and this team is young and inexperienced. (In the waning moments of the game, we had five freshman on the court.) Those are hindrances that are hard to overcome. But there were many times this afternoon when the shot clock would wind down, and this team looked more like a squad at the HPER. Threes from way behind the line were jacked. Dribbling with no purpose ran rampant.

And for as much as IU showed some resolve and almost came back to steal a win at Iowa, it was hard to have much confidence in them when they absolutely needed to score, because they haven’t proven an offensive juggernaught at all this year.

But all and all, I think this is what we call a “moral victory.” It was a solid first Big Ten showing for this team. There’s no denying that.

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  • msdiu81

    What a game! Much better than the last 2 at home. These guys hung in there on the road in the Big 10. I don't believe in moral victories, but if I did, this would qualify. If we can keep focused and not get down on ourselves we will steal a win here and there. Go Hoosiers!

  • nealE

    How about Nick Williams for The Good. Player of the game, hands down. Had he not gotten into foul trouble, I really think we win this game. He had some great rebounds, sunk some 3s, and really had some decent drives. If he keeps improving like he has been, he's going to be very good by the end of his career

  • After the last two games at home, I was curious to see how the team would respond in their first Big Ten road game and this effort was impressive. Crean was working the sidelines and did a great job keeping the players focused when it looked like the game was going to be put out of reach. Have to agree with Neal that Nick Williams played outstanding. I'd like to see him continue to be aggressive in taking the ball to the basket. He's not a great shooter, but he's strong enough to make plays when he gets into the lane. The turnovers seem to be trending downward the past few games and I think as the chemistry grows, this team has a chance to come up with a couple of surprising games down the road.

  • Kelin Blab

    This was a tough day with IU's loss of a tough game and the Colts choking again… much for my sports year.

  • tazcom

    Sure the Hoosiers looked much better today.
    But Iowa has to be the next to worst team in the B10. And the crowd was so weak that it seemed like a nuetral site.

  • Actually a fairly good showing for our team in the first BT game: Took good care of the ball and out rebounded…….

  • JerryCT

    I saw some progress yesterday
    – press with a 1/2 court trap
    – mixing defenses
    – Jones more agressive
    – Williams and Story quickly recognizing a shot opportunity and then taking it
    – a right hand from Pritchard

    Then again I still saw:
    – Moore dribbling the offense into trouble
    – Key FT misses
    – offense too slow getting started

    I tried to track the 2 offenses . Iowa got into thier 1/2 court offense at about 29 sec and took a shot at about 14 sec on the clock. We were alot slower and on one posession did not start our offense until 17 sec left on the clock.

  • HoosierSmitty

    I agree about Williams. He hit some big shots. He had a wild one toward the end, but overall, he had some huge plays for the Hoosiers.

  • HoosierSmitty

    What is with Moore dribbling down in to the corner wildly once again at the end of the game? What does Tom Crean expect to accomplish out of that? It worked ONCE against Lipscomb and we got a Roth 3 attempt and then they shut it down.

    I think Iowa watches tape.

    For all the good things Crean does, that was really frustrating to see coming out of a timeout.

  • Kelin Blab

    Moore dribbles the offense into to trouble alot….

  • Kelin Blab

    I agree 100%, When I saw him pushing up the court and roth heading for the corner I knew where this was headed. Bad coaching move, bad decision by Moore…

  • silkyslim

    Tough break in the game when Dumes got called for his 5th foul. It looked clean and the ref had a bad viewpoint. We need Dumes in the game at the end.

    Williams played very well. A good confidence booster for our young Hoosiers.

    Keep on improving, & perhaps a little home cookin' will get our team over the top against Michigan.

  • silkyslim

    I have to disagree with you Smitty & Blab,
    I think that Moore did execute the play, but Pritchard did NOT seal his man well enough.
    Was it fatigue or inexperience that hindered Pritchard?

    I like the draw up by Crean, but freshman in crunch time tend to struggle.

  • Kelin Blab

    I just don't think you ever dribble into a corner a limit yourself like moore did. Pritchard didn't seal well, but based on Crean's reaction to Moore, I don't think that is what Moore was supposed to do….

  • all IU has is freshmen, so they're just going to have to learn in crunch time.

    once Dumes fouled out, their options were Pritchard (freshman) or Williams (freshman).

  • NC Fat Boy

    Good game. Improvement in both turnovers and rebounding. Freshman mistakes yes, we knew we would have them.

  • Brian

    As far as the offense looking lost and being forced to chuck a 3….that won't go away when we get better players. That is a problem with running the set offense instead of the motion offense. If something goes wrong then the team has to start over with a new set instead of going with the flow.

  • Brian

    As far as the offense looking lost and being forced to chuck a 3….that won't go away when we get better players. That is a problem with running the set offense instead of the motion offense. If something goes wrong then the team has to start over with a new set instead of going with the flow.