Good, Bad and Ugly: Cornell

  • 11/30/2008 7:32 pm in


IU beat a defending conference champion who was favored to win by two. (Even if it’s an Ivy League champ, one that’s about as athletic as your local high school team.) Tom Pritchard continued to be on beast mode, posting a career high in points (23) and snatching seven boards.

Nick Williams showed us why he was named Alabama Player of the Year, as he scored a career-high 18 points. As a few people pointed out in the live blog, Williams plays with great confidence. And when it’s all said and done, he might be the brightest star on the team this season.

Most importantly, the Hoosiers didn’t let Cornell hang around. Unlike the IUPUI game,  IU was able to put some breathing room between them and the inferior team, and breeze to a double-digit win.

And hey: they even hit 15-of-19 from the line. Not too shabby.


That Verdell Jones incident in the first half was scary. It’s not often you see a stretcher out on a basketball court. I don’t think we got an official diagnosis yet, but here’s to hoping Verdell is doing OK and will have a speedy recovery. (UPDATE: Looks like he’s doing well.)

As has been the case this season, IU fell into defensive lapses where open shots — and I mean wide open shots — ran rampant. Twenty turnovers is never a good thing, either.

But yeah: this was certainly IU’s best win of the season. On a night like tonight, not a lot of bad or ugly.

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