Interview with Tom Crean at ESPN the Mag

  • 11/20/2008 1:13 pm in

On top of the blogging I do on these here Internets, I also throw on the Real Journalist cap here and there at ESPN the Mag as a contributing writer. I had the opportunity to speak to Tom Crean last week, and the interview ran today. Here’s a quick quote from Crean on his relationship with T to the Izzo from it:

I’m in (Tom Izzo’s) backyard if I’m at Indiana, but when he’s at Indiana, he’s in our backyard. It’s just one of those types of situations. Nothing will ever change or affect our friendship. That’s one that always has, and always will, stand the test of time. I’m sure it will be different when we compete against each other, but we go to Big Ten meetings and it’s not like we’re on the other side of the room, it’s not like we don’t talk; we’re together like we’ve always been. He’s been remarkable for me in the short period of time I’ve been here in just trying to get acclimated.

Again, you can peep the whole thing here. Also, Crean recently spoke with the Wall Street Journal. Get at that interview here. (Thanks to those of you who e-mailed that link in.)

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