What qualifies as a successful season?

  • 10/22/2008 7:00 am in

If there is anything we know about the Hoosiers this season, it is that we know nothing. As much as we may have seen Tom Pritchard in his ESPN game last year as a senior in high school, or as much as we saw Kyle Taber rebound and play oh so hard defense as a Hoosier last season, we know nothing.

Watching the Hoosier Hysteria video, I felt like a bartender. All the regulars patrons had left my stools belly up at the bar, replaced by a bunch of riffraffs and vagabonds. (In this scenario, I own an Irish pub and wear a bowler hat and have the best fish and chips in the city.)

However, I think we can all agree on one thing: we aren’t going to be good at all this year. This is OK; we are in the stages of rebuilding and Tom Crean has done a pretty fantastic job with the 2009 class. Expectation are low, and I think we’re all still excited for the season, as bad as it may end up being.

So, on this brisk October morning, I pose this to you: what qualifies as a successful season for these Hoosiers, one that surpasses these low expectations? My thoughts: .500. That is a success. A huge success. Anywhere in the ballpark of 10-13 wins is what I’d call hitting expectations. But besides wins and losses, where can we turn?

A few other thoughts: Beating Illinois at home, going a whole year without any drama or suspensions and stealing a game somewhere and ruining a contender in the Big Ten’s quest for a title. Also, hitting a shot with 1.5 second remaining in the Big Ten tournament to beat Indiana. (OH WAIT NEVERMIND.)

So, what do y’all think?

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