Myles Brand: “I would like to see it at least two years”

  • 07/26/2008 4:41 pm in

mbrand23.jpgBack in April, I wrote about speculation that Myles Brand and David Stern were having dialogue about a change to the NBA’s age limit rule for the draft.

Our old friend Myles confirmed that speculation when he talked to The Dallas Morning News about the current rule and the changes he’d like to see made:

“I would like to see it at least two years. I did a CBS show with [NBA commissioner] David Stern in which we talked about this. I asked David how about two years, and he said ‘yes.’ He thought two years was better than one year, and I think two years is better than one. I think three is better than two, but I’ll take two. But of course he has to negotiate that with the NBA’s Players Union, and I think the contract is up in 2½ to three years, but he at least at that point expressed interest in exploring two years.”

This is a topic that’s only going to garner more attention now that Brandon Jennings has peaced out from Arizona and is headed east because he couldn’t enter the draft. Personally, my vote is to abolish this rule completely and let kids go straight to the NBA if they choose with one caveat: if a kid opts for college, he’s required to stay three years. This would allow the freedom of choice, but it also gives college coaches a chance to protect their programs from early entry candidates decimating their rosters.

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