PostmanR talks about D.J. White

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Bullets Forever, a Washington Wizards blog, had some questions about our man D.J. White and PostmanR had the answers. Here is a sampling:

The Wizards have some experience with Hoosiers, drafting Jared Jeffries in 2003 and Calbert Cheaney in 1993. Where does DJ fall on the list of Indiana greats in relation to Jeffries and Cheaney?

ITH: Tough to say. If you go by statistics, Cheaney is the all-time leading scorer at both IU and in the Big Ten. He played on some fantastic teams in the early 90s as well. Jeffries doesn’t have the numbers Cheaney does, but he only played two years before going pro. I think White’s legacy at IU is a strong one regardless of where he matches up with those two.. He had to endure, not one, but two coaching changes during his tenure. No one deserves that. Even after fellow Alabama native Mike Davis got peaced, he stayed loyal to IU. And last year, when IU was firing on all cylinders and looked poised to make a deep run in the tournament until the Sampson debacle came crashing down and effectively killed the season, White stayed strong and played well. Not the same could be said for everyone on the squad.

He was fiercely loyal in times of adversity. Indiana basketball fans love him for that.

You can read the entire Q & A here.

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