Should IU block Jordan Crawford from transferring to Kentucky?

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craw1.jpgThe latest departure in the mass exodus from the Indiana program, Jordan Crawford, is reportedly hopeful that he’ll garner interest from a program in Lexington, Kentucky. This according to Jerry Tipton of The Lexington Herald Leader, who got the following update from Jordan’s mom, Sylvia:

“I would hope they would be interested,” she said.

But, first, the Crawford family and Indiana need to work out the terms of Crawford’s release. In the wake of former IU Coach Kelvin Sampson’s departure, Crawford decided last week to transfer from Indiana.

Indiana has not decided what, if any restrictions, it wants to place on Crawford’s choice of a second college, spokesman J.D. Campbell said in an e-mail message.

So the Crawfords must wait for those details to be finalized before seriously considering Jordan’s options.

Besides Eli Holman, Crawford is the only player that left the program willingly, so Indiana has some decisions to make on his situation. It is not uncommon for a school to place restrictions on a transfer, but there have been cases in which a student athlete has fought the restrictions in the media and the school eventually caved to avoid the bad publicity.

Crawford will likely be prohibited from transferring to another Big Ten school, but Kentucky could also be a no-go because of the rivalry between the schools and the fact that Jordan’s brother, Joe, also played there.

So my question for you, ITH’ers, is this…Should IU block Jordan Crawford from transferring to Kentucky? Either way you go with your answer, back it up with some substance and hit us up in the comments. Happy Father’s Day.

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  • ….just let the kid go…he didn't ask for this mess at IU….we didn't either….just let him go…and good luck jordan

  • Petetuckyburg

    Well, this whole scenario blows my mind. I cannot imagine this. A true Hoosier would never even think of this as an option, because they would have grown up with Kentucky as a huge adversary. Many Hoosiers, especially those of us downstate, consider Kentucky as big a rival as Purdue.

    None the less, if this is what Jordan wants, so be it. I miss him, and wish he would have stayed. But he came to play for Sampson, not IU, and it all makes sense when you view it that way.

  • ChronicHoosier

    I'd hope IU encourages him to pick a school we'll see at least 3 times a year. Seriously, wouldn't you want Crawford guarding our frontcourt?!? His defense is the equivalent of a hockey team playing a man short following a penalty; it might as well be 5 v. 4 when he's on the defensive end of the court. Moreover, it seemed to get worse as the year went on (much like his attitude). Since he's a serious liability for any team that can't run offensive/defensive substitutions every set, I'd love to see him at KY, PU, MSU, OSU, Wisc. etc…anywhere we can exploit his “D”eficiencies on a regular basis.

    I'm stunned at the selective memory of so many Hoosier fans when it comes to his departure. How many dozens of times did we watch Jordan fail to recognize his man was wide open at about the same time the ball was passing through the net? How many times would he turn the ball over and sulk down the court, only to have his man breeze up court in transition for an easy basket? Who cares if the kid averaged 20ppg next year when he'd give up 35 on the defensive side? Seriously. We're far better off without him.

  • bahickma

    We aren't far better off without him at all, really. Jordan Crawford is a 4-year college player, he wasn't Eric Gordon. You can't expect him to be perfect in his first year. I hope Indiana let's him go wherever he wants. He came to our school to play for a good school, a seemingly good coach at the time, to get his education I guess, and to have a good college basketball experience. He got robbed on two of those. I don't think him being on Kentucky will matter anyways because they have a lot of talent coming in and he may never seen the floor while he's there.

  • let him go wherever he wants. IU is a top 5 Good Karma basketball program. remember “its Indiana”

  • TXHoosier

    I've thought about this one, and as much as I would have loved to see Crawford develop for three more years under Crean, I can't blame him for transferring. It would be different if he were transferring away from the coach who recruited him, but in light of the wholesale changes to the program, I say let him go and wish him the best. I at least thank him for staying academically eligible and giving Coach Crean a chance before he decided to transfer.

  • NC Fat Boy

    Indiana should let him go wherever he wants. Change in circumstances is not his fault. If he was unhappy with the way things were going and none of this debacle had occurred, then possibly yes, limit his options.

  • tberry

    Today's IU program is not the IU Program that Crawford signed to play for. while I think it will be a better program than the former one, Crawford evidently doesn't think so and he should be allowed to transfer outside the Big Ten.

  • Kelin Blab

    I would let him go wherever he goes. No use of bringing negative press on yourself. By the time he plays in 09-10, he would have to chase Matt 'Freakin” Roth off 5 screens something we know JC doesn't like to do….

  • hoosier07

    I would just let him go wherever he wants. If we face him every season (KY) or twice a year (Big 10), still would not get me because it is clear he only came to play for Sampson. I want players who want to come to Indiana to play for Indiana. Coach Crean has done a great job of passing that message along. So good luck Jordan. Nice to have you around for one year.

  • bz

    as just about everyone else has already said, just let him go. this isn't the team/coach that he committed to anymore. the only school i would even consider blocking would be detroit mercy.

  • nealE

    I'm ok with him going to UK. I'd love to have someone to boo. The circumstances may not be his fault, but if you transfer from one rival to another, I think you're really missing a large part of college basketball. His brother went there, he knows the school well obviously, and it's one of college basketballs storied programs. But you went to Indiana kid. Come on. If that doesn't bother you, you're missing a large part of the experience. And you have no loyalty to anything but yourself. I realize many people are this way in todays game, and I find this very sad.

    Whatever. Let him go where he wants. I look forward to crushing UK every year anyways (well, maybe not this year haha). However, we can't let him go to Detroit Mercy. I don't know if they are on his radar or if they have room for him anyways. But that cannot and will not be allowed.

  • HoosierSmitty

    I agree with most of these posts. I'm not really concerned where Jordan Crawford goes. If he goes to a school that we'll likely play again in the future, so be it. It'll be another chance for him to look back and realize the mistake he made. But again, you can't blame him. He's clearly not someone who cared about Indiana, because “It's Indiana,” so let's just let him go somewhere else and do what' he feels is best for himself.

  • woodpecker

    I heard TC on Foxsports radio earlier and I just love this guy! He said “this was giong to be an uphill battle and that he was ready for it.” He said ” the situation he inheritated was bizarre, and highly disfunctional” He said “I want players with character and courage.”

    As far as Crawford he was asked about Jordan and his reply was “its hard to coach someone you have not spoken to in a month.”

    He said the real challenge will be this season when the games start, he then stated that “we will not fail, because this is Indiana.”

  • MikeinNC

    IU ends up losing in the end if they try to restrict him from Kentucky. We end up looking petty and small at a time when we need to be transcending what has taken place in our program over the past year….let him go, and let both parties move on. To restrict him is to make us look like West Virginia's football program….even if we are right, we look stupid.

  • RobertSchell

    “When Crawford was in Hoosier's land…..Let my Crawford go….”

  • MikeinNC

    comedy gold…nice!

  • OnFireMattMeyer

    I don't care where he goes. I think he had a golden opportunity to headline our program during its rebuilding, but I was surprised that he wasn't one of the first to jump ship. I hope he goes to Kentucky just so we can beat him when he becomes eligible.

  • Ryan_Btown

    Answer: Yes.

    Reason: We're IU. They're Kentucky. They're already going to embarrass us this season, let's not add insult to…insult.

  • JerryCT


    1. We NEED TC to look more “player friendly” to the future recruits. Restricting his freedom to transfer will hurt future recruiting
    2. We need JC to wish he never left us, this helps recruiting
    3. We needt to play whoever he goes to so we can shut him down ( #2 ) above
    4. We need to NOT boo him or trash him, this diminishes us as fans

    Besides, regulars on this site have seen my review of his season stats compared to Gordon. The guys trying to trash JC just donot know what they are talking about especially the comments about defense…………….you guys forget that JC played forward on defense the last 1/3 of the year because Gordon could not or would not defend or rebound down low.

  • twittybird


  • Easy on the caps lock, we can read you just fine.

  • No, just let him go. He's made a decision to leave, and Indiana should not act like a jilted lover left at the alter. Give him a full release, wish him well, and if he goes to a rival, show him what he missed.

    Incidentally, is there still the rule that you can't transfer to another Big Ten school and keep a full scholarship? I had heard of this when Recker was floating around before deciding to go to Arizona.

  • Because, you know, he won't be able to play this season.

  • “far better off without him”? that's stretching it a bit. you're talking about the only guard on the team that would've had significant high D-I playing experience.

  • “far better off without him”? that's stretching it a bit. you're talking about the only guard on the team that would've had significant high D-I playing experience.