Crawford expected to return for sophomore season

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Jordan CrawfordOne of the more promising developments out of Tom Crean’s trip to the Louisville/Southern Indiana area today — Jordan Crawford is expected to return to Bloomington for his sophomore season.

Rick Bozich of The Louisville Courier-Journal and Chris Korman of the H-T/Hoosier Scoop were both on the scene:

From Bozich:

Crean on how good next season’s team will be considering only one recruited scholarship player — Jordan Crawford — is on the roster: “We’ll be so young, it’s hard to gauge what kind of team we will be for awhile.”

From Korman:

Crean said that there is no change in Jordan Crawford’s status. Crawford, who will be the only returning player who came to IU on scholarship, is back in Detroit right now and will not attend summer school. “He doesn’t need to, and I think it’s good for him to get home,” Crean said. “It’s important to remember that those guys have been through a whole lot.”

So the plan is for Crawford to return to Bloomington next season as of right now. This is welcome news after the mass exodus this offseason, right? It’s looking like the team will be in Bloomington starting on either June 10 or June 11 to begin summer workouts. When Crawford makes it back to Bloomington, I’ll be completely sold.

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  • hoosier07

    GREAT news

  • jgongora86

    I hope he stays put. I think he has a lot of upside.

  • dabig

    Well, this guy's got a million dollar talent with a 5 cent head. If Crean gets him in line, he has the possibility of being great. But he's piece of work. A big piece of work.

  • BrianK

    This is off topic, but I just got back from hearing Coach talk at Hubers Farm. Wow. He was good and I was impressed. Evrery year I have been to this the coach's set up near the front and you get autographs after but as I and the people I went with were getting ready to stand in line for food I felt a hand on my shoulder saying hi and a guy starting to talk to us. When I turned around it was Coach C. He was asking asking if we wanted anything signed and he saw my camera and said I should start taking some pictures. We were in shock at first lmao. We were all very impressed at how he was in the mix with everyone and was very open. It was also good to see how he has a sense of humor about things that have happened. When he was given a Louisville Slugger bat he joked saying he could of used that when there were flower pots flying around his office a couple weeks ago.
    Coach Lynch also brought the Keg of Nails which was awesome to see. We all got pictures holding it with coach Lynch. When my brother took mine I found out later he accidentally cut the Keg out of the picture. Yeah…. I'm gonna kill him. But was very impressed with the event tonight. Coach is a great speaker.

  • jgongora86

    Dude thats awesome. I have to admit Coach Crean is a great PR man, and I think it's because he's genuinly a nice guy. He knows the more people he reaches out to the more people there will be to tell our in state recruits to go to IU ( the greatest place on earth).

  • msdiu81

    The best part of the story is where Crean said Jordan didn't need to go to summer school. I would think that means his grades were in order which is encouraging. I would say the only way he doesn't come back would be because he doesn't want to, not Crean dismissing him. So this is great news as long as he returns in June.

  • Good story there Brian. Thanks for sharing.

  • From my understanding, grades are not an issue with Crawford.

  • This is great news. I have to agree with whoever before me said he is a million dollar talent with a 5 cent head. Although I would say a lot of that would have to do with being a freshman last season. Also perhaps his changing role last year caused him to never get totally set in the system. one week he's starting at point for injured or suspended Bassett the next he's coming off the bench in the 2 spot. This year he'll be able to be the pure athletic scorer that I know he can be. A lot of potential let's hope he listens to the coaching staff and lets them guide him along the way.

  • jdaddy

    I heard clips of the coaches speaking at Huber Farm. That story is great to hear. I really believe we are on the right track.

    Crawford is a good kid. I hope he stays. I heard Crean mention tonight on the radio clips, paraphrase V. Jones is similar to S. Livingston (hope he doesn't get hurt) sees the court real well. However, has alot of bulking up to do. Also, spoke very highly of N. Williams

  • ChiCityHoosier

    dj white was the backbone for iu this past year, the toughest in hoosier history.

    i hope crawford took a few notes from white and learned how to lead in the face of adversity because as one of the few individuals returning from last year's team, he could rise up and have a phenomenal year leading our young hoosiers through uncharted waters. and this could lead to bigger and better things for crawford and the hoosiers in the years to come. let's go, crawford. crean's giving you a chance to rally the troops and lead the hoosiers back to glory. if for nothing else, do it for dj …

  • MikeinNC

    With so many newbies in the lineup next year, there will be a lot of pressure on the returning players to provide leadership, and to help these guys understand how intense the Big Ten schedule is (especially the road games). I don't know much about Crawford's personality – does anyone know enough about him to comment on whether or not he can step up into that kind of role next year?

  • Kelin Blab

    I will cheer my ass off for this kid at Midnight Madness. Good for him and his family….

  • Ryan_T

    you mean Hoosier Hysteria? 🙂

  • JerryCT

    Wonderful , if it turns out to be true, especially for Crawford. I liked his game last year for a freshman and his stats prove it out, better than Gordon in most repsects especially per minute played. Now if he returns he shows he is not a quitter.

    As Mr Kelin says, he should and will be the fan favorite even if just for staying.

  • preston1

    Why don`t we all just wait and see if he comes back. Since he isn`t a Big-pro grabber, I really feel he`ll be in Blooming to try the new practice fieldhouse.
    Crawford is no dummy either!!