Stock Watch: Eric Gordon and D.J. White

  • 04/14/2008 8:57 pm in

ejdraft.jpgStock Watch is Inside the Hall’s look at the NBA draft prospectus for Eric Gordon and D.J. White.

With a little more than two months remaining before the NBA Draft takes place, some of the best mock drafts are starting to trickle onto the Web. Here’s a glance at a few of the best out there and where they have Gordon and White pegged at this point (it’s important to remember that until the draft lottery is conducted, the teams these sites have listed are relatively meaningless):

Draft Express: Eric Gordon No. 7 to the Milwaukee Bucks; D.J. White No. 42 to the Sacramento Kings Eric Gordon No. 7 to the Milwaukee Bucks; D.J. White No. 31 to the Minnesota Timberwolves

HoopsHype: Eric Gordon No. 7 to the LA Clippers; D.J. White not listed in the first round and Hoops Hype does not do a mock draft of the second round Eric Gordon No. 6 to the LA Clippers; D.J. White listed as “In the lower first round mix.” Eric Gordon No. 5; D.J. White No. 31

Hoops World: Eric Gordon No. 6 to the LA Clippers; D.J. White No. 34 to the Minnesota Timberwolves

A couple of quick observations from this exercise: First, Gordon seems to have fallen behind Jerryd Bayless of Arizona on nearly every draft board. Before the second half of the season, most of us thought it was going to be Gordon vs. Derrick Rose for the top guard in the draft. Now, it appears Gordon is the No. 3 guard in the draft and a couple of boards have him below O.J. Mayo. Shooting 32 percent and committing 4.2 turnovers per game over your last seven games will do that.

Second, D.J. White is not a sure thing to land in the first round which is hard to believe given the kind of season he had. However, when you take into consideration that White doesn’t fit the prototype for a true power forward in the NBA, you have an explanation on why many teams might shy away from taking him in the opening round.

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  • southsidehitmen

    D.J. is going to make some team very happy if he falls into the second round.

    I could be wrong on the position he plays, but I believe Carl Landry is a 4 for Houston and doing very well. I have no doubt that D.J. is more talented and has a higher ceiling than Landry.

  • Kelin Blab

    This is why the NBA is stupid and horrible to watch……

    DJ White not a PF
    Tryus Thomas is????

    DJ White not a PF
    Kwame Brown #1 pick

    DJ White not a PF
    Eddie Curry starting center for anyone

    DJ WHite not a PF
    Brian Cardinal 5.8 Million a year………

  • ricbraun

    I'm a Cavs fan, and I think he would be an absolute perfect fit in their offense because he can shoot the mid range jump shot. I attribute him to a Joe Smith type player…he can't do anything great but he does a lot of things well including shooting and rebounding. He won't be a star, but most teams picking late in the first round don't need stars. What he will be is a solid role player that could play in the League for many years, and that is what good teams picking late in the first round need. I would be surprised if he is not a late first round pick

  • When I first saw those fantasy drafts I couldn't believe DJ wasn't a 1st round pick, but I suppose being in college for four years is a negative these days when it comes to drafting or potential. It is hard to say who will excel at the higher level. I feel the level of heart DJ has will help him at the next level more than anything, and your right southsidehitmen, if a team picks him up in the second there should be no regrets.

  • RD21

    Tyrus Thomas can jump over a foot higher than DJ and is 10 times faster so yes, that is why he is. Brain Cardinal 5.6 mil, Jared Jefferies 6.1 next year- which is more pathetic? I bet you thought he was going to be great like DJ

  • BTOWN40

    Alan Henderson like maybe? in terms of NBA average

  • bbfan

    DJ cannot run, cannot defend a 4 in the pros, and cannot put the ball on the floor. D-League player for sure.

  • splenda

    I don't understand the Gordon to Milwaukee picks. EJ is a shooting guard in the NBA and the Bucks already have Michael Redd…..

  • Kelin Blab

    I think DJ could be as good as Elton Brand if he works at it given they are the same type and build of player…..

  • HoosierSmitty

    Indiana doesn't exactly have a great track record with NBA players. Some have solid careers and stick around in the league, but few are ever superstars. I wouldn't be surprised to see either of these guys be successful, but I don't expect them to be superstart. I think in that regard, DJ White is going to end up having a better career than Gordon, because unless Gordon because that type of player (superstar), he'll be considered a disappointment. DJ will always give you 100% and be a solid team player, even if he isn't averaging a double double.

  • tberry

    I'm surprised Gordon is expected to be as high a pick as he is. The only reason he scored so many point this year is because Sampson kept gong to him and if you shoot or drive enough you will get points. The NBA will expect him to carry his own load and the offense will not be built around him doing “his thing.” If he has to earn his points, he will have a very hard time. If you compare him to Derek Rose, he looked completely out of it most of the time while Rose looked ready and capable of starting and finishing plays and scoring at will.

  • southsidehitmen

    The potential is still there for Gordon though, and NBA teams love trying to mold potential players.

    Gordon, once upon a time, had a great three ponit shot, and the ability to get to the lane and draw fouls. Coaches and Gm's are going to think that they can teach him ball handling skills and a mid-range game, so he'll be a top 10 pick barring any unforseen instances.

  • Gordon is a damn good ball player. He has great range and explodes to the basket. What seperates him from the rest is that he is smart. I think Gordon will be a very good NBA player because he wants to be. You guys can't tell me that at the beginning of the year it didn't cross your mind that Gordon had the potential to be one of the best Hoosiers ever. I am pretty sure that the only player under Bob Knight to lead the big ten in scoring was Brian Evans and that was when he was a senior…..Gordon did it as a freshman. I don't think KS exploited EJ's strengths as well as he should have. If you watched the games anytime anyone ever set a pic (excluding Taber) the almost never made physical contact with the defender. I think that towards the end Gordon was going for his own numbers and was selfish, but with all the turmoil surrounding the program I can't say I blame him. I'm sure there was a total lack of respect for DD in practice and he figured he'd better get his at least. So my prediction is that Gordon becomes a great NBA player.

  • willits100

    only for our own personnel benefit, we want dj drafted by the pacers or pistons so we have his rights and can watch him play for the d league ft wayne mad ants if they would send him down to the d league.

  • BTOWN40

    Where you from willits, way to represent the Fort….89 Harding grad

  • Paul Millsap, Jason Maxiell, and Brandon Bass aren't prototypical power forwards and are very effective NBA players, all for playoff teams. DJ has size on all three of them.

    Sorry, anyone who says there is a “prototypical” player for a position is out of touch with the NBA. There isn't a prototype for any position anymore.

  • willits100

    to btown40……71 iu grad. live in fort wayne and my husband has ownership in the mad ants. many of us would love to see dj but again selfish thinking on our part

  • willits100

    to btown40……71 iu grad. live in fort wayne and my husband has ownership in the mad ants. many of us would love to see dj but again selfish thinking on our part