Miller’s buyout could be sticking point for IU

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money.jpgIf you browsed the front page of the World Wide Leader’s Web site today, you might have noticed an article by Dana O’Neil about Xavier and their plans to keep Sean Miller. There was an interesting quote from the Xavier AD, Mike Bobinski and his feelings on Miller being interested in other jobs:

“People mentioning his name don’t have a bleeping idea. He’s on this list at LSU. Oh really? Is there a list? Can I see it? They say his name with teams that I know wouldn’t even cross his lips.”

My first reaction to this quote was that if Bobinski isn’t worried about Miller bolting for greener pastures, then why is he even addressing this? However, the following revelation from Rick Bozich of the Louisville Courier-Journal from earlier today might be a big part of Bobinksi’s confidence in Xavier’s ability to keep Miller:

Word I’m getting is that the last time Xavier upgraded Miller’s contract the school inserted a hefty buyout clause into the package. Like $2 million. For the next few seasons. Xavier is a private school. Private schools are not bound to release contracts upon Freedom of Information requests. But my source says Xavier is tired of coaching turnover. The school has lost Pete Gillen (Providence), Skip Prosser (Wake Forest) and Thad Matta (Ohio State) to bigger schools. Xavier is not ready to lose Miller, a young, determined coach.

If true, I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who believes IU will ante up that kind of money to free Miller from Xavier. IU is not exactly sitting on a ton of cash in the Athletic Department. I believe Michigan paid big money to buyout John Beilein from West Virginia last year, but the Wolverines have the football revenue to dish out big money. IU has no such luxury.

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  • xfactor9600

    Well, I'll let you be the expert then. (despite the fact that Jesuits Priests take vows of poverty generally).

    What does this have to do with Miller at Xavier though? Are you saying that X can't afford to give both Fr. Graham a raise (assuming for the moment your “rule” exists) and Sean Miller.

    Since 2000 Thad Matta got two raises and Sean Miller has received one raise. I don't recall Fr. Graham (or at the time Fr. Hoff) getting raises.

  • xfactor9600

    I can assure you Xavier can afford to pay both men if it turns out your theory is true.

  • Kelin Blab

    I think Pitino would be the perfect hire……then when the Lakers job comes open he can leave for that one at the end of the season and all the recruits we have coming in will want out of their LOI, then Dan Dakich who was kept on staff, will be the interim coach again and we start allllllllllllllll over again in 2-4 years.

    If you hire Pitino, it will be a HUGE mistake.

    We will see soon how interested and how HIGH on the list TB is now that they are out of the tourney along with Pearl. I cringe at the name of Pitino…..

  • jgongora86

    whoa there skippy! I'm going on the fact that I friend of mine lives in richmond, and I've seen plenty of his games. I think he's an excellent coach, and he would run the type of offensive and defensive schemes that IU would love. I don't necesarily base everything on how well you do in a tournament ( though I admit it is important). I think people fail to understand is that it's very difficult to get a job at a good div 1 school. Miller, Bennett, and Pitino all recieved their jobs becasue of their family members ( Don't get me wrong their great coaches but thats how they got their jobs). Anthony Grant had to work his bu off to just get a job at VCU. I just think that if Anthoy Grant had the talent that Sean Miller and Bennett had ( and I know comparatively they don't have as much talent as lets major Div 1 schools) that Grant would beat the living crap out of them. It's my opinion, and if you don't agree with me than tough
    titties. ok got to go back to work. I apologize for the bad diction, but I have such a small period of time right now.

  • How can Pearl be on the list after a dismal tournament “run”. A game closer than it should have been against American, a game they should have lost to Butler (not that that's a knock) but then not even showing up against Louisville. Is this what you want at IU? I thought we, as fans, were sick of the first round exits? I thought we wanted to make Elite 8 and Final 4 runs, not simply sit around be embarassed–again–by subpar teams. Pearl's off my list. In fact, for the reasons listed above, he was never on my list. Let Rocky Top keep him for all I care. The way Fat Phil is working things, Tennessee is going to be a basketball school in two years, anyway.

  • If he's a Big East guy, why would he go to Boston College?

  • Alright, Kelin. Let's pass the hat. I've got…$0.12 on my desk right now. Let's do this.

  • JerryCT

    So what we are syaing is we can kill 2 birds with one stone.

    hire Miller AND the president of X

  • Charlie Weis makes more than Jenkins.

    Being that Xavier and Notre Dame are both private schools (as noted in the article) they don't need to release their payrolls.

    Generally, Catholic schools (I went to two, undergrad and graduate school) like having priests in the president's chair because then they save a ton of money on paying the president. Unfortuantely, the priest tabbed to be my undergrad's president wasn't ready to take the role on last time they needed to change.

  • JerryCT

    Better yet……….hire Miller, the President AND the AD

  • hahaha, vows of poverty – that's hilarious. i bet these priests that are school Presidents are driving camrys, shopping at wal-mart, and just scraping by right?

    actually, Xavier may have a bit of trouble affording raises for both President Graham and Sean Miller:

    Xavier's overall Athletic Department revenue 2006-07: $18.5 million
    Texas' overall Athletic Department revenue 2006-07: $105 million

    quite a contrast huh? Miller’s salary is somewhere in the $800-900K range (let’s call it $850K). that is 4.5% of their total Athletic budget wrapped up in one guy.

    their total endowment is only $108 million – to be that in perspective, Notre Dame’s is $6.54 BILLION. they don’t exactly grow money on trees at Xavier. i’m not saying they can’t afford to do it, but they are going to really have to stretch the budget and get some healthy donations to pull it off.

    and i'm absolutely shocked that there was no press release announcing raises to Fr. Graham or Fr. Hoff. what, there was no news conference? i'm surprised CNN, ESPN, ABC, NBC, and CBS weren't there to pick up the press conferences live to announce that a Fr. Graham or Fr. Hoff got a raise. you usually hear about those all the time, because it is so news-worthy for a school President (that nobody knows/cares about) to get a raise.

    i know you're new here, but do everybody a favor and get some reading done so you can pretend like you know what you're talking about before you post. thanks.

  • JerryCT

    Taken from the entire system point of view the $ paid to a coach are dwarfed by the additonal $ contributed by alumni when we win. Forget the athletic budget . IU will gain $ from an expensive but successful basketball coach.

    As such I donot buy arguments that we are not willing to pay

    BBUUTT…….Bennett and Miller can create their own legend here at IU. Pitino ?……..not so much

  • jgongora86

    man you guys are relentless, but if you look at the time I posted this it was before the louiville game. That said I still want him at my 4 spot because like it or not he does bring a level of excitement to our program, and we could really use a pick me up.
    Thats the way pruce pearl games are, sometimes you can make a deep run into the tournament with that type of offense, sometimes you can't. Thats the way things go.

  • MPmike

    The Pac 10 is overated!! HOw many teams are left in any tournament with the exception of UCLA- NONE! And I still believe that UCLA has the easiest road to the FINAL FOUR for a #1 seed.

  • MPmike

    YOU forgot to mention that Bennett had his daddy, Tony Bennett to help him with WSU just like Tony Bennett help turn Wisconsin around several years ago with a Final Four appearance before Bo Ryan took over.

    Bennett had help too!!!!!!

  • BrianK

    UNC has an extremely easy road to final four also

  • I wasn't going after you, I was more pointed toward Raymond (I feel you're a kindred spirit…IU fan stuck deep in ACC territory). Your post just happened to go up right before mine.

    Like you, I also like Anthony Grant. Unfortunately, he's only had a couple of seasons at the helm of VCU, and with the CAA down this season they didn't earn an at large berth in the tournament, so they couldn't show off on the big stage again. I think, given time, he'd be an excellent decisiosn for IU; however, we fans are becoming bored with the contrite and mediocre and we want to win now, which would not give Grant the luxury of building a program.

  • BrianK

    Pearl is still a great coach. Louisville has been a slow down/half court offense all year, Pitino saw how good theyve been shooting finally and let them run. No team will ever wear down a Pitino team. When it comes to that kind of offense all Pearl could do is watch and learn.

  • MPmike

    And I ask how many teams are still in any tournament- (NCAA. NIT, CBI)?
    What only UCLA?
    THe PAC 10 is overated!!! WSU has not beaten any top 10 teams this year? Only quality wins were two top 25 teams- Notre Dame and Gonzaga. They were swept by UCLA, Stanford-three times, and unranked Arizona-twice.
    All that I'm saying is I don't know if Bennett is ready to coach a Big Time program like IU just yet. Maybe in a few years he might build a contender and that's a big if. I don't know if IU can wait that long to tell the truth. If he comes to IU- I only hope for the best, however, I still believe that Sean Miller and various other coaches are more experienced.

  • BrianK

    I love Pitino and I would of like to see him as Iu's HC….a few years ago.

  • jgongora86

    my bad man. I was on the defensive. I guess it comes from living
    in acc country ( that or my ex russian girlfriend has conditioned me to be defensive…. who knows (-: . Thanks again for the back up. Where do yo live in Acc country? JUst stay stubborn and be proud of IU through the good and bad.

  • HoosierInTheVille

    I am a student at UofL right now, but grew up in Indiana and have been a Hoosier fan my whole life, and Pitino is not the guy we need. He is definitely a great coach, but is just money hungry and wants to retire in the near future (like 6-7 years). I thought the consensus was that we needed a young and up-and-coming coach, what happened?

  • Stanford doesn't count now?

  • Yeah, too bad the Championship isn't being played in Greensboro so that the NCAA could more easily hand the trophy to Roy.

  • It's okay. The timing of my post versus yours plus the content made it look like I was going after you.

    I live in Durham, actually, but I'm moving over to Wake Forest in a month or so. And, I'm stubborn. I would just like the Big Ten to win the challenge at least once so I can hear these ACC morons on the radio shut up.

  • I think you're hearing from a minority of folks who want Pitino only because he's a proven coach and because they are used to seeing him beat Indiana badly while he was at Kentucky.

  • xfactor9600

    I'm still waiting for verification that there is a rule in place that states that the president has to make more than the basketball coach. All I did was state that Fr. Graham may not make as much money as you think he does. I didn't think an analysis of the Xavier's athletic budget was in order to state that. Next time I'll do my homework i guess.

  • xfactor9600

    I went and did a little research on the matter. The last year where i could find complete data was 2003.

    Head Coach Thad Matta made a base of $407K.
    Fr. Graham made $230K. (all of which was latter paid to the Jesuit Community Fund).

    So i guess that indicates that the University President doesn't have to make more than the head basketball coach.