Pick ‘Em Prize: Guest blogger @ ITH

  • 03/19/2008 9:00 am in

First off, props to all of the ITH’ers who have joined the Yahoo! Tournament Pick’ Em group. As of this writing, we’ve got 388 members and we’re the 8th largest group. We tossed around a couple of ideas on how to reward the winner of the contest and decided that we’ll grant the winner a guest post of his or her choice here at Inside the Hall. (We’d like to give away some scratch, but hey, it’s not in the budget. If any potential sponsors are reading and would like to throw some schwag to the winner, let us know.) Unfortunately, if one of us wins, you’ll be stuck with more Kevin Stallings bashing. We will have the final edit before your post goes live, but it’ll be your chance to speak out and have your voice heard. For those of you who haven’t entered, there’s still time to get in on the contest. Just make sure to have your picks in before the first game tips off on Thursday.

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