Should Indiana be interested in Scott Skiles?

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scott-skiles3.jpgIn a report published this afternoon, The Chicago Sun Times says that IU will contact the former Chicago Bulls coach as the Harry Gonso led committee launches its search for a coach.

Indiana University is expected to contact former Bulls coach Scott Skiles as it launches its coaching search, according to a source. Skiles was born in LaPorte, Ind. and led Plymouth High School to the 1982 Indiana state championship.

He’s maintained a house in Bloomington, Ind., where he is now and lives during the NBA’s offseason. The Bulls fired Skiles on Dec. 24. He went 165-172 and helped turn around a laughingstock of an organization into a playoff team that advanced to the second round last year. Skiles would not comment on the possibility of coaching Indiana.

All in all, I’m indifferent to Skiles. He does have that “state of Indiana” connection that some of the old timers so desperately crave, but he’s also never recruited. And as we know, that’s a big part of winning in college basketball. Just ask Mike Davis. I’m sure PostmanE and PostmanR could give a more detailed insight of Skiles as a coach (since they’re both avid Bulls fans), but it seemed to me that after some short lived success in Chicago, he essentially crashed and burned. My question for you ITH’ers, does Skiles strike you as a realistic possibility? Or would the fact that he’s never been a head coach in college turn you off to the idea?

This is unrelated to his coaching ability, but please, don’t take a picture of Scott Skiles.

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  • He does live in Bloomington, but I doubt he'll be able to recruit. He's also too hard-nosed for my liking.

    Vote “no” on Scott Skiles.

  • Also: he has no college coaching experience.

    Also: that picture that was snapped of him is somewhere in my gmail. If we hire him, that's the first picture we're putting up.

  • A realistic possibility, yes. In fact, it seems almost set in stone that he's going to step to the head of the class, just because of his ties to Indiana.

    Does that make him someone I want to see coaching at Assembly Hall? No. He's an unproven recruiter and perhaps too much of a “my way or the highway” type of personality that would make recruits turned off to his ways.

    One good thing he probably does have going for him is ties to Tom Izzo. I would rather see him serve a year or two as an assistant to Izzo (if he hasn't already…sorry, I'm posting this new thought without much research) and then go out and try the college ranks.

  • Isn't April Fools' Day a few weeks out?

    No, no, a million times no. I'd rather not have a coach who has ever uttered the phrase, “People say they've partied with me and shit.”

  • I just don't get it. I accept that our next coach may be a bit short on head coaching experience (Miller, Brownell, Bennett), but I would have a hard time hiring someone with no association with college basketball since he left college over 20 years ago. Further, given the NCAA issues our program currently faces, I can't imagine we would hire someone with no history of NCAA compliance and no experience recruiting (within or outside NCAA rules).

  • I'm saving something good for that day, maybe Bruce Weber? Ha.

  • Ricky

    A failed NBA coach? No thank you. Why do I have this big feeling that IU is going to fuck up this coaching search. Is it because they have not shown the ability to hire good coaches that don't cheat (Mike Davis, Kelvin Sampson, fucking Bill Lynch)? yea, that is possible. Fucking Greenspan. Idiot.

  • scottyjumpshot

    I'm all for it. He's a winner and will put in the hours on the recruiting trail. His intensity and discipline is something this team currently lacks in a big way. He never recruited before, but we're looking for a head coach not a head recruiter (see Mike Davis).

  • Brent

    scott skiles…really, the only thing hes good for is nba jam…he could sure drain those 3's.

  • Whoa there buddy. Bill Lynch? How was that a “bad hire”?

    Coach Lynch came in with tons of head coaching experience. He led the Hoosiers to their first bowl game in 14 years. He took over for his best friend, who had instituted an amazing team culture before his death–doesn't that sound like a situation in which you'd want a stabilizing hire like an assistant/the late head coach's best friend?

    I'll accept the MD and KS rant, but not Bill Lynch. And certainly not with an adjective in front of his name that has no place. He's much better than that.

  • CB in OR

    I guess that if Big A can forgive Sklies for the marijuana conviction, the cheesie attitude, lack of college coaching experience and the worst combover in sports then I can take a second look….wait, no, no I won't. Sean Miller has been contacted according to the Cincinnati Business Journal. I like this guy bettah…much bettah. So should you all.

  • Big A didn't forgive him…he did what a blog runner does. He brought up the possibility after a news leak about him. Big A said he was indifferent. And now he's asked us to discuss.

    Which, for discussion's sake, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of Scotty “Napoleon” Skiles and would echo your love for Sean “The other Teen Wolf” Miller.

  • T

    As a huge Bulls fan, I have a couple of thoughts on Skiles:

    1) No team ever beat the Bulls due to preperation. When Skiles was coach, the Bulls always had a better gameplan then the other team did. Period. He Made hall of famer Pat Riley look like an amateur two years in a row in the playoffs, and the Bulls continualy had great inbounds plays/plays coming out of timeouts. As far as X's and O'x go, it's tough to find someone better than Skiles.

    2) Skiles always had short term success in the NBA. He was a good coach for the Suns before their players got sick of him, and he was a good coach for the Bulls until they got tired of him. This wouldn't happen in college, because at most his players would only be there for four years. So the 'my way or the highway' attitude might just work in college, (it has for other coaches.)

    3) The big issue would be recruiting. I have no clue how he would do. I'm not sure anyone would. So to me the only way Skiles could be appointed head coach would be if his assistant coaches were loaded with smooth talking SOB's who could help Skiles land some big name talent.

  • kelin

    I won't give this much thought right now, but I will say this…..YOU hire Skiles and you will see massive transfers and you will experience the worst of IU over the next 3 years. People know Skiles reputation, this is a good hire right after Knight, but not right right right after Knight……

    Greeny I can't stomach this anymore, please don't do this. I know Big A , E and R, don't advocate this but…………I feel like as an IU fan, we need to treat this committee and the IU administration like superdelegates and contact them to let them know….that the fanbase would not be happy with skiles and a bunch of others. We want to get this thing right this time…….FINALLY

  • kelin

    Call Sean Miller, Tony Bennet, Anthony Grant, Keno Davis, Thad Matta, and Bryce Drew………why is this so hard…Dammit! When they say NO go to the next name on the list.

  • ALH_00

    Having seen Skiles motivate and turn around the Baby Bulls, I was initially intrigued by his name being mentioned. I'm not sure I buy the 'never coached in college' knock as an absolute bar to hiring him. But you raise a great counter-point regarding NCAA compliance that didn't even cross my mind. Obviously, that should be supremely important to the next coach because we'll only escpape with a slap on the wrist once (if at all). The next coach better follow the rules…and you've got to know them to follow them.

  • ALH_00

    yeah, I don't see alot of Pete Carroll type coaches having alot of success in College Hoops (maybe Roy Williams, but that's KU and UNC)…I doubt Bo Ryan or Tom Izzo would ever be considered “mr. nice guy” by their players. But, they win…every year. With or without the best talent.

  • Tim

    Basically he comes off as a dick and and a hardass, and that doesnt bode well for recruiting

  • Tim

    Lynch is a TERRIBLE Coach. Awful. I mean Brutally bad. But Greenspan didn't hire him, Hep did. And I believe Greenspan Hired Hep and that was a tremendous choice. Greenspan gets way too much flack for the Sampson BS, Sampson was President Adam Herbert's choice not greenspan's stop blaming him for that.

  • No way. Lynch is NOT a terrible coach.

    Again, first bowl game in 14 years? That's a good thing, maybe a great thing. And if we haven't been to a bowl in 14 years, let me channel Rick Pitino and say, “Joe Paterno isn't walking through that door. Bobby Bowden isn't walking through that door.”

    Lynch was actually my collegiate coach for one year. The man is a great coach. You'll be pleased with him if you let him build a program and get his feet set in a Big Ten atmosphere.

    Remember, like I said, this is Indiana football. Facilities suck. 1 bowl game in 14 years. Basketball school. I'd say Coach Lynch did a great job last year in his first year as HC.

  • Ryan_Btown

    I have to disagree a little here. Saying that he si a great coach for taking us to a bowl game is kind of like saying Mike Davis was a great coach for taking us to the Final Four. Everything was in place for that team to succeed.

    I won't go as far to say that he's a TERRIBLE hire, but I will say that he has not gone far enough to embrace the IU and Bloomington community like Coach Hep did (I know no one is Coach Hep but meet us half way!) and I don't know that the guy has the carisma and excitement to turn around a lackluster program. I think those are two key elements necessary (see Terry Hoepner, Bruce Pearl, Mark Mangino).

    I would say that we were stuck between a rock and a hard place. He did do a nice job of getting the current roster to focus through a difficult time. However, I disagree that he's going to be the guy to turn the program around.

  • See, these are comments I can at least respectfully agree to disagree on.

    Words like “awful” or “f%%%%%% Bill Lynch” get me fired up though.

    I'll totally agree with you on one thing. There's only one Coach Hep.

  • RobertSchell

    ha, wow….Looks like it's either hit or miss with Skiles….

    For those saying he always had the Bulls “prepared” for each game, that's definitely something he learned from his high school coach, Jack Edison….many fellow coaches across the state felt, win or lose, nobody prepared his players better than Edison…

    Do I think Skiles would be a good fit at IU? Personally, I could go both ways.

    I can understand the “lack of college coaching” argument, but I wouldn't completely write him off simply due to that reason.

  • Ryan_Btown

    I honestly don't know enough about the guy to really comment. I did want to mention though that Pat Forde wrote a descent article on Pearl (… ). Should be worth mentioning that Forde did a nice job of highlighting the face that Illinois fans hate Pearl. One good reason for possibly hiring him.

  • Ryan_Btown

    Also want to mention that I've said several times on here there is no way he would come here…

  • Sherron Wilkerson

    If Skiles (or Tom Crene) is hired I will never watch an IU game that he coaches. I think that is what the powers that be want, to completely alienate IU fans so only they and their gay friends attend IU games

  • Dude, you're a homophobe. Absolutely no reason to use that kind of talk.

  • tberry

    No University recruiting experience, no name, no long term multilevel experience, no Skiles.

  • JB

    Other than a lack of recruiting/coaching at the college level what is wrong with hiring Skiles? He'll satisfy the Knight “my way or the highway” types – he's got credibility with any Indiana high school coach (being the point guard on the last of the small school single class champions), he was a great college player and decent to above average NBA player and coach which gives him credibilty in any kid's kitchen in the country “I can prepare your son for the NBA better than any other coach who is going to have your kid for one or two seasons” in other words how tired of him as a coach is a kid going to get who will only be at IU for a year or two (you need one or two of these skill level kids every year to win a championship). As to the kids who will be at IU for four years under Skiles my guess is they would be the types who wouldn't have any problem dealing with his no nonsense attitude (he may be hard on me but he is making me a better player). Last but not least we can afford him – don't have to give him a house or pay to move him. I say keep Coach Ray Mc to help him recruit and put Skiles near the top of candidates. (Don't under estimate the affordability angle – if you think UT can't blow away any offer IU can make to somebody like Pearl you're kidding yourself).

  • Mark


  • kelin

    Has anyone ever seen skiles smile?
    I know Big A , E and R won't take this personally but sometimes it is hard for me to come to this site (my only IU source) because I dread the day of this hire and I see a MASSIVE picture on the front that reads…IU hires the coach for the future (mike montgomory, scott skiles, larry brown, randy whitman) and I see 342 responses….if that day comes I may have to go and buy some Purdue gear…….

  • Boyo

    I pass: I'd much prefer Miller, Bennett or Dixon. Interestingly, both Miller and Dixon are already recruiting some of the same 2009 and 2010 prospects IU is (was?).

  • kylehornsbyrules

    How about Mark Fox? I have voiced this opinion multiple times and only now do I feel like he is coming up

  • kylehornsbyrules

    ha nba jam

  • Newtonian

    Cool. All the players will take key bumps with their coach before warm-ups. What another DUMB mistake by R Greenspan? P*ss off all the old school alumni with all the money for donations….RG could mess up a cup of coffee….They should have a search committee for a new AD….

  • ricbraun

    i'm sry, i just get upset when they run the same play over and over and over and over and over again. i swear, putting ray fisher in motion and then running a draw play worked once, that is out of the more than 100 times we ran that play. the team showed no improvement. there was talent there, but the same mistakes were made and we were 100% unprepared for the bowl game. so i will say it again. he is a very very very very bad football coach

  • Willis

    you already said he was a terrible coach in your post above.

  • It's not NCAA Football 2k8. You can't go deep to Hardy every play.

    Outside of a QB and a WR, what talent “was there” as you insist???

  • Willis

    you already said he was a terrible coach in your post above.

  • It's not NCAA Football 2k8. You can't go deep to Hardy every play.

    Outside of a QB and a WR, what talent “was there” as you insist???