Which Hoosier team will show up?

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whitedak.jpgWe’ll have a lot better grasp on whether Sunday’s debacle against Michigan State was an aberration when the Hoosiers take the floor tonight in Assembly Hall opposite the Minnesota Gophers. Tubby Smith’s club is 18-10 and is coming off a 71-57 home win over Ohio State.

Back to the Hoosiers. Let’s face it, Sunday’s game left a bad taste in everybody’s mouth. The performance was a major cause for concern because once Indiana got down big, things seemed to snowball. The defensive effort was pathetic and some of the jawing that was going on seemed to suggest that Dan Dakich might not have control of certain players. Despite their 2-1 record under Dakich, this group hasn’t played well since their win over Purdue.

If Indiana turns in a solid performance tonight, all of the sudden there will be hope once again for where the season is headed. If we see another uninspired effort, especially on a night where seniors D.J. White, Lance Stemler, Mike White and Adam Ahlfeld will be honored, it’s time to throw up a red flag. This is the time of year where teams should be putting it all together and improving. Another poor effort would be a sign that a collapse is imminent.

With that said, what are your expectations for tonight’s game? Will we see the Indiana team that crushed Michigan State at home a couple of weeks ago? Or will we see the club that struggled with Northwestern, Ohio State and was throttled by the Spartans at the Breslin Center? Also, in terms of senior night, how will you remember the seniors? And one final thought: How do you rate Dakich’s performance after three games?

Your thoughts are welcome in the comments.

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  • nate

    no defense……no movement on offense……i'm nervous for a senior night game against minnesota…..what is going on? dakich has brought nothing to the table…do we even practice? show me some intensity hoosiers

  • RobertSchell

    Personally, I'm just still trying to digest the fact that this is the last time I'll see DJ play in Assembly, regardless of what to “expect from our Hoosiers” tonite.

  • steve

    We should blame DD for some of what is happening. If I were the coach when Ellis. Crawford, and Basset played for me with no emotion or heart they would not play. Like someone on here posted earlier if the player doesn't want to play for the name on the front of the jersey they need to move on. The state of Indiana has plenty of capable players that would love to play for IU. I can think of three that would have come here if offered. These players need to stop being lazy and feeling sorry for theirselves and play ball for theirselves their team and their families. Some of the stuff in the MState game seemed a little wierd to me like the post feeds Armon tried to get to DJ. I am so sick of this S##T I want IU BASKETBALL BACK!!!

  • Raymond

    Slowly, but surely, DJ has become one of my all-time favorite Hoosiers. He came in as a big recruit and he has just improved every year and his progression has been fun to watch. He put this team on his back and became a real leader when we booted out Davis and he has become the face of our program and what an IU player should be. I sit next to him and mike white in a class this semester and he is actually a pretty stand up guy, too.

    I will be sitting courtside tonight with a big “Thank You, DJ” sign. This is a kid who could have bolted with Vaden and MD but stuck around and will be one of the guys we'll love to look back on for years to come. I can't wait to see video of some of his huge dunks in 10 or 15 years and say, “I was there for that!”

  • B (MD)

    I sensed that too, and I'm more concerned about this than any potential recruit changing his mind. The new coaches first job should be to make sure Armon stays.

    After DJ, I think it's clear that Armon is the leader of this team and is one of those players that's not good enough for the NBA but perfect as a 4-year college player that can be all-league his last two years.

    IU plays it's best when Bassett is on and directing everything.

  • Stemler's going to foul Tollackson on every defensive rebound he gets. Might as well use them smartly.

  • Not.



  • T

    Not to be overly dramatic, but this is the most important game of the season.

    It will tell us everything we need to know about how this team will do come Big Ten/NCAA tourney time.

    Hopefully the guys who seemed to have been pouting about Sampson the most (Ellis…) will get their act together, get D.J. White the rock and take care of Minny tonight.

  • ronb

    Well let me be real positive I think be will run the Gophers out of the building..
    DJ will have a monster day and EJ's shot will come back and he gets 35 tonight.
    Be real, did anyone at the start of the season pick IU to win at Michigan State?
    Now I know none of us thought they would loose by 30 but it is just one loss.
    Nearly 75% of those who did pre season projections had IU with a record of
    15-3 in the big ten in a 1st place tie. Also 80% of us had them with a regular season
    record of 26-5. They will meet both of those projections,DJ will be Big Ten player
    of the year and EJ will be the big ten leading scorer. Now did we project loosing
    our coach before the end of the season-No. Did we know that some of the teams
    be beat early would be weak=No. But take out the loss to MSU and we lost to
    Xavier A-10 champs and in the top ten,UCON ranked and near the top of the Big
    East and 2 losses to #9 and Big Ten leader Wisconsin. One of those losses was on a last second lucky 3 point shot. Has IU played poorly and awful the last 3
    games-yes but we won 2 of 3. These kids hit Bottom Sunday and will come
    out charged up and ready for senior night and the rest of the season. Then after
    they cut down the nets at the Final Four IU will sign a great coach for the future. I know you think I am crazy and I am looking through rose colored glasses but hey it beats being down in the dumps and depressed. My team to yell for is IU.
    Go Hoosiers!! Go Big Red!! PU lost last night and Wisconsin is next.

  • hoosierboy812

    if you ever see lance,smack him for me,he sucks worse than luke jiminez or todd lindamen.hes one of the worst hoosiers of all time. his shot is flatter than a 3 day old pepsi.he stinks like aunt bee's nightgown

  • hoosierboy812

    tubby's son saul could out coach dakich.

  • ALH_00

    I hope the IU shows up tonight, but won't be surprised if they do not. They basically have another couple weeks to get ready for the NCAA tourney, and I hope they get there. I'm just not sure if the dust has settled on KS' dismissal.

    I'll remember DJ and Stemler, maybe MW, but probably not Ahlfeld (no offense to Adam). DJ has had a great season and like the article I read today noted, I can't remember the last player to be embraced in the manner DJ has been embraced by IU fans this season. We all put our hopes on his (and EJs) shoulders and he has carried us along through a, for lack of better term, “weird” season. I will miss him. Maybe he'll go to the Bulls so I can see him play a couple of times each season and buy his jersey.

    Stemler…well, I've tried to defend and support Stemler all season. He hasn't always played up to our collective expectations, but he has been a solid contibutor and, IMO, a quality Hoosier. Good luck to Lance whatever he does.

    As for MW and Ahlfeld, I would simply say thanks and good luck. A team isn't just what we see on the court. I think we owe it to them to show our appreciation for their daily grind and recognize that this very good team would not be where it is without them.

  • ALH_00

    “How do you rate Dakich’s performance after three games?”

    That is such a hard question. In some respects, this team is out of control, and even Coach K himself would struggle under the circumstances. On the other hand, the team has lacked focus and intensity over the past three games, and that is plainly unacceptable under any circumstances (save Northwestern). In short, I would say it's too early to tell. (but, then again, I can't say I'm optomistic that the answer to the question will be positive after the next 5 games…which is all I see them playing at this point).

  • ALH_00

    MN is well coached…they just aren't on the same talent plane with IU. But compare WI and IU and tell me that talent is all that matters. I look for MN to give an unfocused IU team a decent game. I think IU pulls it out on senior night, but with the way they've played the last three, I can't see it being a blow-out. Love the optimism though…severely lacking on this site all year.

  • JamesHardy

    “he stinks like aunt bee's nightgown” ~ HILARIOUS!!!
    maybe instead of nightgown…you could have used aunt bee's 3 day old panties…????

  • JamesHardy

    whew…thanks B…I was starting to worry that I was going to have to go into witness relocation program or something!

    DO I want him to leave…HELL NO…what I want and what I get are completely different…just ask my wife!

  • IndianaJoe

    I just puked a little in my mouth

  • Raymond

    AT LAST…I am not the only person in the world hoping for DJ to end up with the Bulls!!! Hahaha. This kid has improved by leaps and bounds every year and has become an all time favorite without the huge ego and “Holier than Thou” attitude.
    Every time I've heard someone congratulate him on a good game or anything in class he always is modest and just responds with an, “appreciate it” or “oh, thank you very much”. I not only love him as a player, I respect him as a person for not having the attitude people like Ratliff walk around with down here.

  • Put away the rose-colored glasses, man! Get some cream-and-crimson colored ones!

  • I'm going to love it if Lance hangs about 18 on the haters.

  • JamesHardy

    18? shit…he can only get 5…fouls that is…OOHHH…you were talking turnovers??? No…must have been talkin about aunt bee's drawers….I mean “great shots”…keep dreamin!

  • JamesHardy

    18? shit…he can only get 5…fouls that is…OOHHH…you were talking turnovers??? No…must have been talkin about aunt bee's drawers….I mean “great shots”…keep dreamin!

  • Big S

    I hope that Gordon would just once tonight pull up for that mid-range jumper instead of trying to take it all the way. E. Moore of Purdue has a great mid range game. Gordon needs to slow down. We need the players to play together. Not one on one moves.

  • Big S

    I hope that Gordon would just once tonight pull up for that mid-range jumper instead of trying to take it all the way. E. Moore of Purdue has a great mid range game. Gordon needs to slow down. We need the players to play together. Not one on one moves.