Devin Ebanks to Memphis?

  • 02/27/2008 4:43 pm in

ebanks_mem.jpgAccording to Rick Bozich of the Louisville Courier-Journal it’s looking like a distinct possibility. Remember, it’s been reported that Devin Ebanks, IU’s top recruit next year via New York, has an out clause in his LOI that states he can be released if a coaching change was to occur.

The quick details from Bozich:

I talk to a lot of people in the college basketball game. Heard Ebanks to Memphis as a live possibility yesterday from a friend who is hot-wired into John Calipari’s program. Ebanks and Tyreke Evans. Those are the names for Memphis.

Oh Rob Senderoff, it’s looking like all your hard work might be for naught. Now, the interesting part of all of this is that today on Louisville’s 93.9 the Ticket, recruiting guru Jody Demling of the Courier-Journal said signees aren’t allowed to have this kind of language written into a LOI. He talked to a few people in the know and verbal agreements on that kind of talk is about as far as it can go.

We’ll see in the coming weeks and months how this one shakes out.

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