IU spokesman: reports of firing untrue

  • 02/21/2008 3:47 pm in

kelvin432.jpgWe’ve been following the Kelvin Sampson story closely all day and the latest development is via our friends at The Hoosier Scoop. In reaction to Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports and other reports released today, IU spokesman Larry MacIntyre offered the following comments to the Scoop:

Larry MacIntyre said at 3:30 that the reports that Sampson has been fired or has resigned are incorrect. He said both of those are possible scenarios for what could happen, but neither has happened at this point. MacIntyre also said that IU has not scheduled a press conference for Friday afternoon at this point. He said that staff is making preparations in case a press conference is held because it is a possibility, but no decision to have a press conference has been made.

Okay, a couple of quick observations:

— This is a typical IU spokesperson response. Nothing against MacIntyre, I’m sure he’s a fine lad, but we all know that Sampson is gone, one way or another, tomorrow.

— There will undoubtedly be some type of press conference tomorrow. Can you imagine the media circus at the game on Saturday if there was no press conference and Dakich just showed up to coach the team at Northwestern? Won’t happen.


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