D.J. White is a beast

  • 02/10/2008 2:58 pm in


Huge win. 9-1 in the Big Ten. First home conference loss for Ohio State.

Is there any doubt D.J. is Big Ten POY? Did my best to capture Koufos getting pwned for your viewing pleasure.

Recap and more coverage coming soon. For now, bask in the moment, kids.

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  • Hoosier_Hound

    DJ White is a man among boys out there. What a great win, lots of good play coming from all kind of players, but DJ is on a level above the others.

  • Just got a call from a friend of mine who has access to the IU locker room post-game…

    Apparently Sampson institutes a post-game weigh-in to make sure players are keeping their weight in check. One player failed his weigh in, which could result in suspension…

    Unfortunately it's DJ White.

  • Oh, he just called me back, DJ just failed because he had Kosta Koufos still in his pocket.

  • anyone that doesn't vote DJ the big ten player of the year should get their voting privileges revoked.

    i mean who is even in the same ballpark as him in the league right now? it has to be consensus. i think he's also put himself on the all-american bubble even though it's going to be tough to beat out hansborough and harangody.

  • Newtonian

    What's up with AJ Ratliff?

  • maybe they can get one of the equipment managers to play in his place?

    im sure he would be just as productive as AJ.

  • IU Marine

    I thought the team played very well. My favorite player (DJ) had another outstanding game. But, I want to give extra cudos to Jordan Crawford. In my opinion, this was his best overall game since the Kentucky sibling match. He played under control. Meshed more with the team. He also scored some critical points when IU needed them counter a Buckeye run. Good game Jordan.

    I also want to add that Bruthie's pouting for two years is at the heart of Illinois lack of character. His public displays including rude behaivor to KS encourages the rest of the Illini nation to be even more immature.

  • Jerry

    Hats off to the team in the first half for solving most of their problems. People need to credit Sampson just as they trash him when we look awful. Gordon finally looked like he could invlove others in the first half but regressed abit in the 2nd. Maybe we turned a corner

  • Hoosier_Hound

    Check out the picture of DJ embarrasing Koufos here, courtesy of OSU's hometown paper.


  • JamesHardy

    what a saaaaweeeet pic! Thanks!

  • JamesHardy

    what a saaaaweeeet pic! Thanks!