Inside The Hall Podcast No. 3: We’re back … and worse than ever

  • 01/31/2008 7:00 am in

Hey look, we did another podcast! On it, we delve into tonight’s game and Eric Gordon’s status. Things to listen for:

  • The debut of Big A. Get pumped.
  • The music fade in and out are awful at the beginning. Sorry. It was late; I was tired.
  • We explain who Terry Hutchens is in case you weren’t sure.
  • We recorded this last night but tried to speak as if we recorded it this morning. As such, we say “tomorrow” instead of “tonight” a few times. Forgive us, ITH faithful.
  • I think E’s catchphrase for his sign off is “I’m gonna go take a nap.” Sort of like “Goodnight and good luck” only less inspiring.

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