Gordon Sr: EJ will play against Wisconsin

  • 01/30/2008 12:11 pm in

Eric GordonJeff Rabjohns of the Indianapolis Star has the scoop on Eric Gordon’s wrist injury and it seems the message board rumors were blown out of proportion (shocking!):

“He did injure his wrist, but there’s no swelling,” Eric Gordon Sr. said. “He’s going to be able to play. What they’ll probably do is put some protective padding on it, and he’ll play.”

The report goes on to say that Gordon came down on his non-shooting wrist during practice while trying to break his fall.

Everyone is now free to exhale and go on with your day. Because if the rumors were indeed true, I was probably going to cry. And you probably were too.

Let’s hope this isn’t something that has any lasting effect on Gordon the rest of the way. All eyes will definitely be on his wrist tomorrow night in Madison.

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  • ChicagoHoosier

    This still makes me pretty apprehensive. How is this going to affect his ball control? I think its obvious that he is a little turnover prone, and having a 'padding' of sorts on his wrist certainly isn't going to help with that.

  • Mr_C

    Cry? Try clinical depression.

  • xxZPxx

    I am still not breathing correctly.

  • I agree with ChicagoHoosier. I faintly remember Gordon Sr. being the source when EJ was going to play with a bruised tailbone then didn't play.

  • Sherron Wilkerson

    Eric Gordon Sr. looks like Old Dirty Bastard

  • Timmy

    Why would you cry? If IDKWTI was hurt, your precious AJ Ratliff would get more minutes!

  • knasmiley

    It will be interesting for sure to see how he plays, we should know right away if it affects his game or not when he drives to the hoop……………

    PS: I expect an IU win at the KC, this team will toughen up and ready itself for a STRONG stretch of games………

  • knasmiley

    Oh yeah, I think your team has to be atleast at .500 to post on this site, you silly illni guys must hate that rule…………

    PS: It applies next year too, shame isnt it………..

  • jeffl

    Not sure why you would cry I think it might just be good for us because EJ's not always gonna be there to save the day.

  • And that he was definitely going to Illinois.

  • And that he was definitely going to Illinois.