A first look: 2010 target Ray McCallum Jr.

  • 08/17/2007 10:59 am in

I’ve gotten a few e-mails from readers asking for more information on Ray McCallum Jr., whom I’ve discussed quite a bit since the site launched. Since he’ll only be a sophomore this coming season at Bloomington North, it’s hard to project what type of player he’ll be three years from now when he’s a freshman in college. Some gets get better, others don’t. Those who are the best players when they are freshmen and sophomores don’t always end up the best players when they graduate.

That said, my personal opinion is that he’ll have the attention of just about every major program in the country over the next few seasons. He’s going to be a flat out stud. For those of you who haven’t gotten to see him, I’ve posted the best available video of Little Ray that’s available for free on the web, courtesy of YouTube. Enjoy and Happy Friday everyone.

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