Alice Cooper, Fuzzy Zoeller and Kelvin Sampson: Three names never to be used in conjunction again

  • 08/07/2007 1:13 pm in

Just when you thought the pairings at Fuzzy Zoeller’s Louisville-based Wolf Challenge could not get any more, ahem, eclectic, well, guess who’s joining the field: Alice Cooper.

Seriously. Alice Cooper. I don’t know if you could have picked a person I least envision on a golf course, but according to Wikipedia, Cooper is actually a frequent celebrity golfer. When I think golf, I think gentrified white men sneaking around on Saturday morning while their wives give the children breakfast. I think Tiger Woods. I think Mike Weir, for some reason. I do not, however, think of Alice Cooper. Apparently, that is all about to change.

Does this man look like someone who’d be comfortable being out in the sun for longer than five minutes, let alone the five hours it will probably take this group to hack and plod their way to the 18th green?

No, I say to you. No he does not.

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