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Roger Franklin and Oklahoma State

  • Alex Bozich 07/25/2008 1:54 pm  

Jody Demling, a good friend of ITH, was just on the Front Row Ticket on 93.9 in Louisville with an update from Las Vegas and it’s not good for Hoosier fans. According to Demling, the buzz in Vegas is that ...

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Who will fill the last scholarship for 2009?

  • Alex Bozich 07/24/2008 12:20 pm  

Tom Crean, Bennie Seltzer and Tim Buckley (and perhaps the third assistant) are in Las Vegas this week watching parts of three different AAU events. The burning question that IU fans are still pondering: Who will fill the last available ...

Roger Franklin still high on the Hoosiers

  • Alex Bozich 07/08/2008 6:32 pm  

Jerry Meyer, the national recruiting analyst for, had an update this afternoon from the LeBron James Skills Academy and one of his tidbits should be of interest to Hoosier fans. Roger Franklin, a 2009 forward who’s playing this summer ...

Around the Hall: Gordon, Vaden, UNC and more

  • Alex Bozich 06/17/2008 7:17 am  

— Eric Gordon completed his third and final pre-draft workout on Monday for the Los Angeles Clippers. Gordon also worked out for Seattle and New York, but the Clippers at No. 7 seem to be the most realistic option of ...