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Around the Hall: Reaction to NCAA’s rules changes

  • Staff 08/09/2018 9:30 am  

Around the Hall is recommended reading from the Inside the Hall staff. (Photo credit: Mike Lawrie/Getty Images North America) Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News didn’t hold back when offering his thoughts on the NCAA’s changes: The truth is the ...

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NCAA announces major rules changes in college basketball

  • Alex Bozich 08/08/2018 1:52 pm  

The NCAA announced major rules changes on Wednesday that come as a result of the commission on college basketball. The commission, led by Condoleeza Rice, was formed last fall after the FBI’s probe into the sport. The changes are broken ...

NCAA approves 30-second shot clock, other rules changes

  • Alex Bozich 06/08/2015 3:36 pm  

The NCAA announced via the March Madness Twitter account on Monday afternoon that the proposed rules changes for men’s basketball have been approved. OFFICIAL! 30-sec shot clock, 4-foot arc, reduction in time outs among changes coming to men's basketball next ...