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Farewell, friend

  • Alex Bozich 08/12/2010 10:23 am  

Ladies and gentlemen of the ITH blogging republic (to steal a line from Eamonn), it is with a great deal of excitement and also some sadness that I write you today. The sad part: This week marks the end of ...

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Live Chat: Wednesday, September 30

  • Alex Bozich 09/30/2009 1:44 pm  

We gathered with H-T Sports Editor Chris Korman to discuss all things Indiana basketball earlier this evening. A transcript of the chat for those of you that couldn’t attend is embedded below: Hoosier Scoop/Inside the Hall Live Chat

Live Chat: Tuesday, September 22

  • Alex Bozich 09/22/2009 4:46 pm  

We gathered Tuesday with Herald-Times Sports Editor Chris Korman to talk all things Indiana basketball. Read a complete replay of the chat after the jump …

Around the Hall: Friday Links

  • Alex Bozich 08/24/2007 12:59 pm  

I usually wouldn’t throw a link dump at you, but since it’s Friday and there is quite a bit of good information floating around the Web today, here goes: 6’7″ forward Kevin Jones from Mount Vernon, NY is setting up ...