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Film Session: How Braden Smith broke down Indiana’s defense

  • Ryan Corazza 02/12/2024 8:49 am  

Braden Smith scored 15 first-half points against Indiana on Saturday night. Out of high-ball-screen action, he set the tone and dictated things for Purdue’s offense, as Indiana had trouble stopping him with Zach Edey lingering. Today’s Film Session takes a ...

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‘He’s grown up quickly’: How Braden Smith is changing the culture of Westfield High School basketball

  • Cameron Drummond 07/01/2020 8:26 am  

Each morning at 7:45 the bus came to take Braden Smith to school. It was part of his schedule from the third grade through the sixth grade. Braden would get up at 6 a.m., head downstairs and watch basketball highlights ...