News and notes from Mike Woodson’s radio show with Yasir Rosemond

  • 12/05/2023 8:00 am in

“Inside Indiana Basketball with Mike Woodson” returned Monday night for its fifth episode of the 2023-24 season. Woodson could not join Fischer this week due to a “family matter.” Associate head coach Yasir Rosemond joined Fischer in Woodson’s absence.

Here’s a recap of what Rosemond had to say on this week’s episode of Inside Indiana Basketball:

• Rosemond joked that he will ask Woodson for a “little extra money” for filling in as this week’s guest.

• Rosemond said Woodson told him after last season’s win against Minnesota when Woodson could not coach: “I knew you had it the whole time.”

• Rosemond on life in the Big Ten: “The coaching, the scouting in the Big Ten. It’s tough. To be able to win is hard.”

• On not having Xavier Johnson available against Maryland: “Coach always preaches next man up.” Rosemond said Indiana’s staff was emphasizing that leading into the game. Rosemond said Indiana doesn’t make a big deal when guys have to be out, whether in a game or a practice.

• On the first half against Maryland, Rosemond said Indiana’s intensity was up. He mentioned the energy Mackenzie Mgbako played with. At the half, Indiana felt like it could have played even better, according to Rosemond. Rosemond said it’s important for Indiana to show progress and he said the Hoosiers felt like they made progress in the first half.

• Rosemond said Indiana is always looking for ways to keep intensity up at halftime and he said that some coaches around college basketball even believe halftime is too long. He said it’s often hard to get guys revved back up coming out of halftime.

• On the turnovers in the second half against Maryland: “We gotta do a better job of managing the game the last 10 minutes as coaches and players.” Rosemond said it was discussed in the locker room after the game.

• Rosemond said that the “mind is starting to catch up with the talent” for Kel’el Ware. Rosemond said he’s growing and maturing and everything is starting to slow down for Ware.

• Rosemond said it’s hard for five-star freshman and the expectation to be great right away is tough. On Mackenzie Mgbako: “I think he’s starting to understand, understand the defense. You know when you’re in high school and you’re the man, there ain’t much defense to be played. I just need you to score. And I think he’s starting to understand from a defensive standpoint how hard you have to play. He’s knocking down shots, understanding how to play with other guys.”

• Rosemond said Indiana is making a “conscious effort” not to give up wide-open catch and shoot 3-pointers.

• On Indiana’s 3-point struggles: “It’s a thing of confidence and being able to knock them down when you’re open.” Rosemond said he believes the Hoosiers will have a breakthrough from the perimeter. Rosemond said Indiana shoots before practice, during practice and after practice.

• Rosemond said the tough schedule is a “measuring stick” for the program. He said they’ll be able to learn a lot about this team by going on the road for the first time at Michigan on Tuesday.

• Rosemond has the scout for Michigan along with his partners Calbert Cheaney and Mike Stump. He said they watch a lot of film to prepare for each opponent and make a presentation to Woodson, who has the final say on the game plan.

• On Michigan: “They can shoot the ball. They can really shoot the ball.” Rosemond said Dug McDaniel is playing “out of his mind.”

• Rosemond said Tarris Reed Jr. and Olivier Nkamhoua are “very talented.” He mentioned Reed gave Indiana some problems last season off the bench.

• On Liam McNeeley: “We love Florida down there. Florida’s been good to us. Liam is an Indiana guy. He’s a guy that is going to come in here, he’s going play hard, he’s going to have leadership and he can knock down shots. He has a chip on his shoulder even though he’s a top-15 recruit. But he still plays with a chip on his shoulder and he feels like he has a lot to prove. He’s a winner, which is big. We’re excited about having him. We’re really, really excited about having him. Hopefully he can bring one of his teammates here. Can’t say his name right now, that’ll be great, too. We’re just trying to continue to get good players and get that championship that Indiana has been thirsty for for the last couple years. Well, it’s been longer than a couple years, but you know what I mean.”

• Rosemond said McNeeley’s strength is “he knows how to play.” He mentioned that McNeeley can play multiple positions “because of his mind.”

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