Quotes: Trayce Jackson-Davis at the 2023 NBA draft combine

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Trayce Jackson-Davis met with reporters last week at the 2023 NBA draft combine in Chicago.

The All-American forward fielded questions about his pro prospects, NIL, Indiana’s team next season and more.

Here’s a transcript of what Jackson-Davis had to say to reporters:

On what he tells NBA teams and personnel about why he didn’t take perimeter shots:

“I just think that I just listened to what Coach (Mike) Woodson said. He never said that I couldn’t shoot, but when I’m close to the rim and I’m shooting 60, 70 percent from the floor every game, there’s not really a reason for me to go outside and take shots. I dominated inside this year and those double teams got even higher looks for my teammates. Like Trey (Galloway) who shot 50 percent this year and stuff of that nature. So I thought that the team would benefit from me more being inside, not saying that I couldn’t shoot, it was more that I didn’t shoot.”

On whether it’s a selling point that he did what the team needed him to do rather than focus on individual stuff:

“Yeah, exactly. That’s, that’s the biggest thing for me. It’s more about how I can help the team in the best way possible. So whatever I need to do to do that. And when Coach Woodson came in and I came into his office, he said, if you do this, this, and this, which was rebound, push the floor, play with a high motor and you’ll put yourself in a great position. I did that, listened to it, and I think I’ve done that.”

On how his defensive game will help him going forward:

“Just being long and just being able to switch on pick and rolls. Obviously, help side, I thought I was really, really good at that. But just another credit to coach Woodson and just allowing me to go get stuff off the glass and blocking shots that I didn’t get to do my first two years.”

On how important it was to make some shots at the combine in the drills:

“It was great. Just being out there, just working in LA for the last month when I shot, I didn’t think I shot it well, but, it is what it is. Just the first time I shot in front of a lot of people, so, I thought it was good. It was a good starting point just to show the teams that I can stretch the floor.”

On how many teams he’s talked to:

“I’ve only talked to one team so far today. I talked to New Orleans. I think four or five interviews tomorrow and five the next day. And then I have 15 workouts coming up.”

On the type of questions teams were asking:

“Just trying to get to know me, tell what my character is, what my personality is, who I play like, stuff of that nature.”

On how NIL has impacted decisions for players to stay in the draft:

“NIL, it’s been huge the last two years. People are starting to get more acclimated into what it is and what it’s gonna be like and I feel like the transfer portal kind of did the same thing. It’s good for college sports, but we just need to figure out a way to make sure that it’s all not so crazy, I would say.”

On what he means by making NIL “not so crazy”:

“Just like how players can just go to the team with the highest amount of money. It kind of takes the fun out of what college is supposed to be about.”

On if NIL had a big impact on him staying at IU last season:

“Not necessarily. I just went off what my coach said, what my family said and just playing at Indiana one more year was the best path for me.”

On what it was like to see himself on a billboard:

“It is crazy. Something that I’ve never experienced before. Just being in that situation, I thought it was really cool. It was really a blessing.”

On whether NIL opportunities and being put in positions of leadership helped him prepare for the next level:

“I thought it was a great experience, especially my last two years at Indiana. Not only from the business side of it and professionalism and NIL, but also from the standpoint to just being a leader and kind of what Indiana is and kind of what the university is and how well they think about basketball is kind of almost pro-like. Like the fans and stuff of that nature. And so, and also with Coach Woody being there, I thought it was really beneficial.”

On the offseason that Indiana has had and how involved he’s been:

“I haven’t really been that involved. I mean I congratulate the coaches every time they win a recruit. I was supposed to meet with Mack (Mgbako), but my plane took off right literally the day that he was supposed to get here. I knew it was gonna be good, I knew Coach Woodson would pull that one in. But other than that, I’m just really proud of them that they got another squad cause that was my main focus, just to make sure that I left everything was still going in the right direction.”

On how well NIL is set up at Indiana:

“I think the biggest thing for us with Indiana is that they take care of everyone. And I think that’s really special from all the way down to the walk-on all the way to the best player. Everyone gets a little piece of the pie. They have really, really great donors and other people that fill these collectives and help. So I think it’s great for us, it’s great for college basketball and then you have outside sources like Adidas that also help. So it’s great.”

On what the most important thing he wants to get across at the combine:

“Not even from the testing standpoint. I just think meeting with teams and just teams starting to get to know me, kind of know my character and stuff of that nature. I was curious to see where I was gonna test, but, it wasn’t that big of an indicator for me. At the same time, I thought I tested pretty well. Other than that, just getting out here and shooting the ball a little bit and then meeting with teams.”

On what he liked and didn’t like about his testing at the combine:

“I was happy with all my tests besides one I messed up on, I don’t know what it’s called, the square drill. I didn’t do it right. So my time wasn’t that good. But other than that, I felt like my tested pretty solidly.”

On how having four years of experience in college can help him:

“Just my maturity. I think especially coming from a university like Indiana just kind of almost living that professionalism when you’re on campus and people are always asking you to take pictures and, whenever you’re out, you see people, they’re always asking for pictures and stuff of that nature. So kind almost already living the life as a celebrity. I think it’s going to benefit me down the road.”

On if there’s a particular skillset that he’s proud of:

“I think the biggest skillset that really pushed me from last year to this year is my motor. On the offense end, I think that I rebounded, offensive rebounded, then ran the floor, did the little things, passed the ball, just read the game better and the game slowed down which was really good for me.”

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