Film Session: Michigan

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Editor’s note: Ryan is out on paternity leave. Zion Brown will be writing Film Session in his absence.

Sometimes the simplest recipes produce the tastiest results.

In Indiana’s 75-73 overtime win against Michigan the recipe was plain: Get the ball to Trayce Jackson-Davis in space. The result was a 27-point performance for Indiana’s star in his final game in Assembly Hall. Let’s look at how he got there and how the Hoosiers recovered from a 12-point deficit to win.

It started about midway through the second half when the Wolverines led 54-45. Kaleb Banks inbounded to Jackson-Davis from the baseline and cleared out to the left corner. Jackson-Davis grabbed the ball with an empty corner and used his speed to get half a step on Hunter Dickinson. Dickinson fouled, and Jackson-Davis nailed both free throws.

The Hoosiers utilized the interior and 3-point line well to make it a one-possession game later in the half. IU proceeded to feed Jackson-Davis back-to-back isolation touches.

On the first play, Jackson-Davis decided to back Dickinson down. A swift spin toward the baseline left Dickinson in the dust, and Jackson-Davis found the left side of the hoop for a layup.

On the second play, Jackson-Davis sized up Dickinson from the 3-point line. A quick crossover gave Jackson-Davis the edge, and he found his preferred side of the glass again to put Indiana ahead.

Notice how Miller Kopp deliberately moves from the right to the left corner on both plays. By doing this, IU manufactured more real estate for Jackson-Davis. The Hoosiers also intentionally kept their second option, Jalen Hood-Schifino, one pass away on these looks.

Indiana attempted to make it three possessions in a row with Jackson-Davis scoring in isolation against Dickinson. This time, Michigan’s increased defensive pressure forced him to catch the ball at the far “S” of the “Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall” sign on the hardwood. Dickinson showed resistance on this play, as he backed up and recovered on Jackson-Davis’ spin move for a rejection.

The Wolverines ended up taking a three-point lead. With the clock approaching a minute left, the Hoosiers opted not to feed Jackson-Davis. Instead, it was Hood-Schifino operating in the pick-and-roll.

After a re-screen by Race Thompson, Dickinson switched on to Hood-Schifino. Michigan’s center hesitated to step up on the play, so Hood-Schifino fired away and drilled a 3-pointer.

Indiana has constantly drawn up pick-and-rolls with Hood-Schifino in must-score situations. The coaching staff shows confidence in him, and he’s converted on several critical shots this year. This is a trend to consider in the upcoming Big Ten and NCAA tournaments.

In overtime, the Hoosiers called Jackson-Davis’ number again in isolation. Michigan opted to have Tarris Reed Jr. be the defender, but Jackson-Davis still spun baseline and drew a foul. He hit a pair of free throws for his last points in Assembly Hall, as Indiana held on for the win.

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