Indiana to begin beer sales at Assembly Hall for men’s and women’s basketball games

  • 09/19/2022 4:34 pm in

Indiana will begin selling beer at Assembly Hall this season for men’s and women’s basketball games, the athletic department confirmed on Monday afternoon.

The first event with beer sales will be Hoosier Hysteria on Friday, October 7.

Here’s the full release issued by IU Athletics:

BLOOMINGTON, Indiana – Fans over 21 attending Hoosier men’s and women’s basketball games and select events at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall can now enjoy beer to enhance their experience.

The addition of beer sales at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall is in line with past decisions to introduce beer sales at IU Football, Baseball, Softball and Men’s and Women’s Soccer. Beer was first offered at IU Football home games in 2019, at IU Baseball and Softball last spring, and at Men’s and Women’s Soccer this fall.

This new Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall concession option will debut at Hoosier Hysteria Oct. 7.

“We continue to receive very positive feedback about our decision to introduce this option at a number of our other home sporting events, which makes this decision a logical next step in our ongoing efforts to improve the experience for our passionate Hoosier fans,” said IU Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Scott Dolson. “As we have done at our other venues, we will be diligent about promoting, encouraging, and supporting responsible behavior at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall, beginning with Hoosier Hysteria.”

Encouraging responsible fan behavior and promoting alcohol safety continues to be a top priority for IU Athletics. Every purchaser (who appears to be younger than 50) is required to present a valid, government-issued photographic identification documenting that he or she is 21 for every purchase of beer. Purchasers are limited to two drinks per transaction, and beer sales end with 10 minutes remaining in the second half of men’s games, and at the end of the third quarter for women’s contests. No beer will be sold to a visibly intoxicated person. All servers have a current alcohol servers permit issued by the state of Indiana and have gone through and passed TEAM responsible alcohol service training.

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