Q & A: Class of 2022 five-star Malik Reneau discusses commitment to Indiana

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Five-star forward Malik Reneau became the fourth member of Indiana’s 2022 recruiting class when he announced his pledge to the Hoosiers on Monday afternoon.

Inside the Hall spoke with the 6-foot-7 forward about his decision to commit to the Hoosiers and a full transcript of our Q & A is available below:

What led you to being comfortable in making this decision now?

“Definitely the coaching staff and the players. It was just easy to talk to the coaches. The gameplan they have for me… it was just a no-brainer to come to Bloomington and to Indiana.”

What about the relationship that Indiana built with you back in the summer and fall that allowed them to pick things back up now and get in the mix when you reopened your recruitment?

“We always had a good relationship. Me, coach (Kenya) Hunter, coach (Mike) Woodson. It was just bad timing (the first time). They came in pretty late, but we always kept that relationship together. And they wanted to get me on a visit last time around, but I was already pretty locked in with the Florida coaching staff. But now that I reopened and took this visit, it was a clear no-brainer. I should have taken the visit the first time.”

What was it about the visit that stood out and was there anything that surprised you?

“It was definitely the style of play that coach Woodson showed me. And the fans are just insane all over Bloomington. They love their basketball. They’re always greeting the players. It was just a great feeling knowing that the fans are behind you.”

What stands out about Coach Woodson? 

“He’s just a great guy. He does a lot for his team. Does a lot of bonding with the team. That’s good for chemistry. With Coach Woodson, we just had a real talk and it was a no-brainer. He is going to put me in the best position for my career. I believe that.”

How influential was Jalen (Hood-Schifino) in the process? How comfortable are you knowing that he’ll be at Indiana with you?

“Me and Fino, we’ve been growing this relationship for a while now. It was just a great feeling that I know Fino’s going to be there. He’s also a winner. When you have winners on the same team, you tend to get a lot of success.”

What are your expectations going into college? And what are your goals?

“Definitely develop my body. Get stronger, get powerful, be able to move laterally quicker. And on the court, I want to be able to contribute early in my career. I want to be able to produce and make good contributions to the team. And I want to win the Big Ten and I want to win a national championship when I’m there.”

You mentioned the fans. On the visit, were you recognized around campus?

“Yeah. A lot people came up to me and greeted me as if they knew me and stuff. It was just a great feeling to have people feel they know you and are always going to come up to you and support you on the court and off the court.”

What’s your relationship like with Kenya Hunter? What can you say about him and that relationship?

“Definitely me and coach Hunter, we’ve been building a relationship for a while now, too. It’s just been great. We speak all of the time and he tells me stuff and I tell him stuff and it’s easy to communicate with him. I felt like that was the best thing for me… if you can communicate with your coaches, I feel like they’re going to understand you and you’re going to understand them and it’s easy to put on the court.”

How would you describe your game right now for fans who haven’t had a chance to see you play?

“I’m a winner. I feel like I do anything on the court that needs to be done to win the game. I’m versatile. I play inside and outside. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.”

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