Film Session: Iowa

  • 01/15/2022 12:03 pm in

In a game Indiana allowed its second-most points per possession, here’s a team breakdown. Jackson-Davis is able to hedge the initial ball screen here and recover back to Kris Murray. But as Kris Murray sets another ball screen for Ahron Ulis, Phinisee and Jackson-Davis switch this time. As Kris Murray heads into the lane, Jordan Geronimo bumps him and Phinisee then switches onto Geronimo’s man, Keegan Murray. But here’s where things break down.

Geronimo gets caught in no man’s land, not really guarding anyone in the paint, which allows Kris Murray to slip to the basket and get a pass for the score. A lack of awareness here from Geronimo cost the Hoosiers.

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