Film Session: Purdue

  • 03/08/2021 7:56 am in

Post Attention

In the first miss below, Sasha Stefanovic leaves Hunter completely alone in the left corner to stop a Trayce Jackson-Davis drive. On Jackson-Davis’ kick out, Hunter misses. On the second miss, again from Hunter, we see Mason Gillis leave Race Thompson to throw another body at Jackson-Davis in the post, leading to some defensive confusion from Purdue. It allows Hunter a leak out to the right-wing for the wide-open look he misses.

Stefanovic opts to dig deep and stay on Thompson on the left low post in the third clip, allowing Leal a wide-open look from the right-wing. He hits nothing but the backboard.

And near the end of the half, as Purdue sags off the perimeter, Trevion Williams lets Thompson have plenty of room at the top of the key to shoot an open 3-pointer as he pays more attention to Jackson-Davis in the paint. Thompson lets it fly and misses.

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