Juwan Morgan declares for NBA draft, will not hire an agent

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Indiana junior forward Juwan Morgan will enter his name into the NBA draft, but will not hire an agent.

Entering the draft without hiring an agent will allow Morgan to have the opportunity to be invited to next month’s draft combine and also work out for NBA teams while retaining his eligibility for next season.

“I want to gather as much information as possible and see what opportunities may be out there,” said Morgan in a statement. “It has always been a goal of mine to play basketball at the highest level and this is the first step. It’s important to get an honest evaluation and that is what I am looking for.”

Morgan, who averaged 16.5 points and 7.4 rebounds per game for Indiana last season, is not listed on any mock drafts or draft rankings as of Thursday afternoon.

The deadline to enter the draft is Sunday, April 22 and the NCAA deadline to withdraw is Wednesday, May 30.

The NBA draft combine will be held May 16-20 in Chicago.

“I think Juwan improved as much as any player in the country this past season,” Indiana coach Archie Miller said in a statement. “The rules are in place to allow an individual to get valuable feedback and we support Juwan in wanting to find out where he stands and learn what he needs to continue to work on in the eyes of key decision makers professionally.”

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  • Koko

    Good for you….keep up the good work.

  • coachv

    the thing about blackmon was shooting was the only skill he brought to the table. poor passer, poor ball handler, and let’s not even get started about his defense. there are many better shooters than him even in g league. even on his current team. don’t know what the hell he was thinking going pro but he missed out on a year of training that he is not getting in g league. a year of better coaching than he’s ever had in his life. and a year of fun and big crowds, and accomplishment. some guys should realize that the college stage is as big as it will ever get for them and the indiana stage is a fine stage to play.

  • coachv

    why don’t you calm down? my wife and i like to say prolly because we picked it up from our small children. i was just echoing in fun. you have some anger issues

  • coachv

    and punctuation marks in first names. waiting for exclamation and question marks next

  • coachv

    now i have to learn how to spell it too? damn

  • coachv

    and jr or roman numerals on the back of the jersey. we understand you are not the 65 grandfather out there on the court. do they introduce themselves as ” the third” or “the fourth” when they meet someone? who do they think they are, thurston howell?

  • coachv

    i think teammates, friends, and family have the nickname thing covered

  • Koko

    I’m not angry nor do I have anger issues. You write one word without explanation right after AndyCapp said it. How was I or anyone else supposed to understand what you meant? I didn’t get that fun echo at all. I will continue to post to your comments and if you don’t like, then block me.
    At this point I would say to you to calm down.

  • IUBizmark

    “Better” is subjective. Do I personally believe a 6’10 shot blocker would lead to more success next season? Yes. Does that mean McRoberts won’t be at IU, I don’t know. Do I want both? Of course. Do I think we can have both, yes I do.
    I love McRoberts and there’s zero doubt he won us at least one, probably 2 or 3 games last year. But I make no assumptions about what kinds of conversations go on between him and Coach Miller.

  • inCMitrust

    Heard more today. I’m to the point where I’m going to be shocked if it isn’t IU.