Video: Highlights of Damezi Anderson at North-South All-Star Classic

  • 04/09/2018 7:53 am in

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. –– Class of 2018 South Bend Riley forward and IU signee Damezi Anderson scored nine points in the 30th Annual North-South Indiana All-Star Classic in a 129-124 loss for the North squad.

Inside the Hall was there and we’ve compiled a minute of highlights from Anderson’s play, which are available below (Anderson is wearing the No. 1 jersey in red in the clips):

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  • sd chuck

    Looking forward to these kids all showing up next year! Damezi and Jerome going to make a couple of great wings! Robert at the point. Jake is the interesting one, This is probably the prototype big man Archie needs to make his defense work right. Quick on his feet, to make that hedge back to his man quicker. Clifton could actually buy some court time, if he would prioritize defense and keep getting stronger.

  • TomJameson

    I think all the new kids will fit very nicely into the existing team. Could be a special team next year, could be a VERY special team in 2019.

  • coachv

    i thought fans were supposed to really be into these games. not many butts in seats, sounded more sleepy than an nba game, no defense. come to think of it, it felt like an nba game for kids, without the screaming announcer and blaring music. is there any point playing this game other than tradition? maybe for kids without scholarships but the risk for injury seems to outweigh any benefit. with this game lacking in appreciation and importance we will probably see recruited players starting to opt out to protect themselves. or should